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We are attempting to reopen in Atlanta but

Reopening is daunting, at best. We have 2 reservations. Two. That’s it. Our units are tiny homes (shipping containers), so not really set up for long term stays. We are at a loss and not at all comfortable with opening, at all. We don’t want to contribute to community spread, we’re worried about our cleaner and I’m at risk… and we need money. Ugh. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/05/presymptomatic-virus-patients-can-contaminate-environments-study/

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It is a difficult one @rayodie here in the UK, STRs and hotels are banned from opening until 4 July so not something we have to consider at the moment.

I agree in terms of cleaners, if my cleaner is not comfortable about cleaning and I want to open then I will clean myself, but think I am so way off being that point yet.

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You have to go with your gut on this. Many places are reopening way too soon and when they do, there is immediately a spike in cases. If you don’t feel confident or comfortable about accepting guests, just don’t. Rental fees aren’t worth risking your health. There are other ways to supplement your income.

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I’ve been doing my own cleaning and I have three risks factors. Just be cautious. Wait 72 hrs before going in to clean and spray Lysol on everything! Open the windows, make sure you’re wearing a mask and gloves. We use a bottle of Clorox mixed with water and spray all stainless steel and white surfaces. As soon as you get home, strip off your clothes and throw into washer and take a long shower.

In Florida the governor just said STRs could reopen. The governor said if there was a tourist from New York he would not approve them.

Silly thing to say. Thanks for putting the link, have sent it to several people.

I am in the same boat as you.

Ah, Florida. Our states are battling it out for who can be the most deadly. My fiancé thought we could create some clever marketing copy:

Visit Georgia!

It’s to die for!

Get a neck tattoo and a massage!

or, maybe:

Stay with USSSSS!!! Self check in, close to Emory morgue for convenient check out…

Actually, I applied to be a contact tracer…


While asymptomatic people may contaminate the environment, the CDC is now saying that while it may be possible to spread through surfaces, but it does not spread easily in that manner. The virus spreads easily person to person, but does NOT spread easily other ways. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/how-covid-spreads.html


That’s been the advice from the beginning @konafairwayvills; that you are much, much more likely to pick up the virus from human contact or being in close vicinity of someone who is infectious (shedding), coughing, sneezing than from touching an object that someone who is infectious has also touched.

And even then you would still need to stick your finger (the specific finger that has actual viable virus on it) into your mouth, nose or eyes. I’d love to see the statistics for nail biters and nose pickers :grin: Personally, I have to be careful because I have a tendancy to pick at my eyes (rogue eyelashes).

Yes, and as a result of the recent data in respect of this we are now revising our “new normal” cleaning protocol.

It’s actually not going to be that different to what we’ve always done. There’ll be a few changes, but nothing drastic.


To me, a report saying it doesn’t spread easily through surfaces would not lead me to let my guard down. If there is even a 10% chance that touching a surface that the virus was on and then unthinkingly touching your hand to your mouth, nose or eyes, could transmit the virus, I’ll still take the same precautions I have been.
I haven’t done a bunch of research on this yet, to see how this information has been obtained, how many studies back it up, if it’s peer reviewed, etc. so I’m not going to suddenly feel relieved about it. I know that we all want to read new info on the virus that makes us more hopefully and less on guard, that’s natural- I’d love to know for sure that I didn’t have to worry about the surface cleaning, but I tend not to grab onto the latest news without making sure there is good reason to trust it.
That said, I sterilize things like doorknobs, faucets, light switches, anyway, always have, so not that much will change, cleaning-wise, once I start hosting again.

We don’t intend to. I was meaning more from an actual cleaning perspective, as opposed to our own personal safety.

After having ploughed through several publications it became obvious that what we do already is to a pretty high standard, and just needs tweaked.

One tweak is that we have a hydro-alcohol gel dispenser arriving next week along with 5L of gel. It’ll be on the wall as you enter our building. The gel is around €35, so not a massive investment but one that’ll hopefully give guests a bit of confidence in the cleanliness of our apartments.


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Like the gel dispenser idea. As you mention pounds, you obviously bought across the pond-ish. I saw those on a web site, but it was sold by a large supplier. Must have an account with them… yada yada.

I’m currently trying not to buy from Amazon but they are always a good reference on what stuff is available.

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Change availability to a week or two and get creative or figure out why people stay in containers and to-do your listing. Change your pictures. I spend alot of time researching how to market and what to do to attract guests. I work every day trying to learn so I can be a better Host. Sweat equity. Learn from others.

You are priceless! Every time I come to this forum I learn something. Much thanks!

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Wait…that isn’t like “bless your heart,” is it? LOL.

I’m always happy to help. If you order it or something like it, come back and tell us what you think. I may get one.

Hahahaha…nah, not this time! Yes, I was looking at the different kinds of dispensers. I considered a countertop one, but my first thought is that it may get stolen…lol! Now you know what kind of folks stay at my house…:japanese_ogre:

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I didn’t.



Hey, you trying to mess with my head?! :crazy_face: lol!
“The gel is around €35,…” wawawawa…

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