Ways to impress your guest through a better guest experience!

1. Helping your guest get around and save them money is a great way to improve their experience.

I always offer up to my guest my promo code within applications just incase they have never used these services before. Some great apps you’ve probably already heard of are Uber and Lyft. Most times, people have used these services before so it may not help them save them too much. For the ones who haven’t they love being able to get around town for free - if there are to people staying with smartphones who are first timers - I suggest they both sign up to get two free rides! I also list the bus routes around my place so people have easy and affordable access to anywhere around town. I list the local taxi services for the less tech savvy guests. (www.uber.com www.lyft.com)

My property is out in Los Angeles and I’ve discovered a new application that my guest are absolutely loving. My guest can book a rental car from their Iphone and have it delivered right here - too bad it’s only in LA for now, hopefully more places soon. It’s called www.skurt.com basically everyone I’ve suggested it to has been able to take advantage of the new user code I’ve given them. Some have mentioned that they cannot believe this didn’t exist years ago, and makes renting car the old way even more of a nightmare in comparison. They have a promo code linked to your account just like Uber that you can easily share with guests all you have to do is sign up for the app. They also have a referral program that some one shared with me a way to sign up for HERE you can actually earn money - its pretty awesome.

** 2. Create a special room service experience - I suggest Caviar or Postmates and local menus.**

Between the two customers can have food from some 100’s of amazing place delivered right to your property. Postmates tends to be on the more expensive side and have higher delivery fees in comparison to Caviar. Some of Caviar deliveries are even free! - if that restaurant is close enough to your property. Both services offer a share code that you can give to you to your guests and save them $10 and you are granted $10 as well.

For less tech savvy customers or non smartphone users I have around 5-10 take out menu that I have in a folder for guests to choose from.

** 3. Setting up google forms - Getting to know their needs before they arrive.**

I use google forms to set up a questionnaire for guest before they arrive. Answers some simple questions that help me accomodate all of their needs. (www.google.com/forms) I ask simple questions like if they will need to rent a car, or need are catching a ride from the airport, what time they are arriving and so on. This helps me get a better understanding of their needs and helps me to be a better host!

Thanks guys for reading, hope this was helpful!