Waterproof pillow protectors

Hello, I’m a new host, in fact, my future listing is still being renovated. I have purchased what I thought were good quality waterproof, washable pillow protectors, but they don’t feel good to me when I sleep on them. Do the brands mentioned on this forum seem that way to you, loud and stiff? lol Brand mentioned was Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth Waterproof Pillow Protector, but there may be more. TIA for the help!

Yes, I have recommended for mattress encasements and pillow protectors: Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth Waterproof Pillow Protector, Blocks Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and Allergens, Machine Washable, King (2-Pack)

They are not loud and stiff but they are smooth. The result is that the pillow cases sometimes easily come off them, though no one has complained.


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I wouldn’t use waterproof pillow protectors, surely that’s going to give nursing home/hospital vibes? I use standard mesh/fabric protectors, they are cheap but do the trick, and I replace my pillows every 12-18months depending on use. I have one waterproof mattress protector and I’m a little concerned that it also has a noisy/crinkly feel for guests.

I googled what you are considering, but they are more expensive than pillows! Pillows are not a long term item IMHO.


My bed has
a) A bed bug encasement protector
b) Then a waterproof mattress protector
c) Then a really nice and plush mattress protector.

This has eliminated the sound and feel of the waterproof protector.

I’ve had incidents where stains have gone through to the plastic mattress protector but not any further.

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All my beds have toppers on them, plus the protector thingy. really the topper is Line of Defence, and it’s not easily cleaned, so if one ever got soiled I reckon I would throw it out. (ok, I’m frugal enough to try to clean it, with mixed results)

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I think I’m about to agree with you. As much as I love the waterproof idea, I don’t think it’s the right thing for my pillows. Thanks for your reply.


Look at this:

They recommend a pillow protector that’s certified by the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ). AAFA recommends these pillow protectors: Pillow Encasings and Protectors | Asthma & Allergy Friendly Certification Program

AAFA says the protector needs to be ‘breathable.’

So, maybe an approach is not to look for a waterproof protector (unless that’s what you want) but to search among these AAFA certified protectors if one meets your budget and needs.

My concern with

My concern is that in between those 12-18 months (or between pillow washings) dust mites are breeding in that pillow, causing allergens for some people.

But life has tradeoffs. My AllerZip pillow protectors do subtract, I believe, from the perceived comfort of the pillow. @Tluttre

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I made my own pillow protectors with quilted fabric. No, they aren’t waterproof, but it’s not as necessary for a pillow protector to be waterproof as a mattress. I have not had to replace either the protectors nor the pillows.

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I haven’t had to replace pillows, I just think that it’s nicer to rotate them out. Depends on use, some of our pillows have not had much use this year. I just bought 4 new ones on sale to rotate out some odd ones (people actually swap their old pillows for ours, and I end up with randoms)

Last year in January I bought all new pillows, and I made sure to put that in my listing :wink:
This year I’m assessing them, but I’ve actually just swapped all my queen doonas to kings (4 beds) so I figure that’s been my manchester big expense for January.

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I find that ‘new’ pillows can feel ‘overstuffed’ or at least a bit ‘hard’. Anyone have thoughts on how to make pillows that I purchased below softer?


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Try weighting them down with some heavy books or something for a week or so, to compress the stuffing?

I have a couple of synthetic pillows in case guests are allergic to feathers, but my preference is always down or feathers, which never feel hard (unless they are old) or overstuffed.

wow, what a bargain that is. I just got 2 middle range quality pillows for $30 on sale and I considered that a bargain, my amazon has nothing approaching that price (even the US version with $32 shipping is a better deal!)

I buy a memory foam bamboo pillow that is solid and overstuffed, plus a second pillow that is softer. It’s impossible to know what people will prefer. I also like a down pillow as my second pillow, I love the crinkly sound they make.

We use these in all of our properties. Just unzip them a little to let the air out. Work like a charm for us. And currently on sale for $10 CDN.