Water damage to to clogged shower

Dear all,

I have previously let an apartment to guests from 16-21.
On the 20th I received a mail that the shower is overflowing due to a clogging. It was immediately de clogged by the concierge, but when they moved out I realised water damage on the laminate flooring in bedroom next to the bathroom. Now clearly the guest didn’t clean the floor properly after the shower flooded.
We had some problems before with overflowing shower, dishwasher and even a leaking roof. Nothing before has ever made the floor swell and warp as previous guests cleaned up the puddles and didn’t let it dry.
She is of course arguing that the damage is due to the shower and is not her fault. Is that correct or can I still make a claim for security deposit?

Thanks for suggestions

If there is a problem like that, I go over to my house and I meet the plumber and I clean up any mess / puddles.
If it was a hotel would you be cleaning the floor?
Some guests have a hotel mentality and I just assume that they all have it…

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Sorry, I meant the water spilled before over the edge of shower next to tiles in bathrom. It happened maybe 3 times over the last 4 years. But the tiles in bathroom are waterproof and not a problem. It is not an installation problem. It is an Italian style walk in shower. The ladies long hair tend to tangle up in the sieve, therefore we have it cleaned every other month.
I guess as it is high season and I have a high turnover it got clogged faster.
I was simply wondering if the tenant should have mentioned the drain being clogged earlier for my concierge to clean the sieve instead of waiting until the water runs all the way into the bedroom.

I guess I’ll let this run via my insurance.

Of course if I get called and see water on the floor, of course I clean it up and don’t expect the guests to do it. :slight_smile:
In the example with the dishwasher, the guests put in laundry tablets by mistake and the foam pushed through the door. By the time I got there (30 mins after), they had already wiped it all off. :slight_smile:
I mentioned the examples to show it is not really a delicate floor but can hold water usually…

However there was no mention of spills on the wood floor. So if if I don’t know or my concierge doesn’t we can’t really do anything about it.

You might want to check if you are eligible to be covered by Host Guarantee.

You only clean the shower “sieve” every other month??? There’s your problem!!!

That drain should be cleaned of hair after every guest! I don’t know where you’re from, but that lack of sanitation isn’t acceptable around here! We wipe down the shower (including the floor and drain) after every guest leaves

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I mean the inside not the outside sieve (unscrewing the top and going inside the pipe)… of course I have the shower cleaned after each guest :smiley:

Sorry English is only my second language not sure what you call the inside part…

Anyways… I had 4 girls in the flat before. Not one of them mentioned a problem, nor where there any water stains either inside bathroom nor outside when they left. All I want to know is if the shower didn’t drain properly, should she have notified me straight away and not after only 4 days to prevent any major damage…

It would help to get an effective drain catcher! https://www.tubshroom.com/

Yes the guests should have notified you of the clogging problem but we know from hosting experiences that guests are not reliable when it comes to reporting issues.