Watch your instant bookings

I have had Govt ID as a requirement for the last year or so. No issues. Just received a nice 8 day booking for November. Guest has great reviews- all recent(ish). Checked her profile and it does not state ID… but does say “Personal Info.” I contacted CS to find out if there was an issue as her profile doesnt state ID and therefore should not qualify to IB my place. I mentioned the Personal Info bit and it makes me wonder if ABB has created a new category while also disallowing hosts to know what exactly was uploaded or not… CS escalated issue to someone as my settings shouldn’t be disrupted etc… also said it could be a glitch. Just keep an eye out! Screenshot_20190820-143103_Airbnb|243x500

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I had the same thing happen with a Guest from China - only a phone number and they IB even though I require Govt. ID. Odd thing was when I wrote to customer service they forwarded my issue to technical support and told me don’t expect to hear anything back but then today I got a message from support giving me a $25 travel voucher for my inconvenience.

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I also require gov ID but keep getting booking requests without it. One guest said he didn’t trust that Airbnb would keep his data secure but was happy to bring a passport or driving licence. When I queried with CS why I keep getting requests without ID they say as I’m instant book I can decline without penalty. So far it has never been a problem but would Airbnb provide an address,big for example, the guest was in an accident or something became a police matter?

@joc anyone can request to book, whether they meet your requirements or not.

I have the same issue I’ve just spotted for a guest arriving on Sunday, who is also from China. I was going to contact CS, so will make sure I do.

It’s not requests I’m getting @Helsi. It’s a regular instant book. I have gone through all of my upcoming bookings and that is the only one who doesnt have ID listed. Why would there be a requirement option if it is moot? Definitely not ok. This is my home. My 4 kids live here. I will be watching like a hawk from now on.

I was replying to @joc who said