Watch out ... there's a Superhost about

So, having been thoroughly terrified by what many hosts here have related I have my very first Superhost guest who is visiting with adult daughter. So far she seems very nice, but don’t worry, I’m waiting for the halo to slip and the horns to appear … I shall be watching her very closely and will report.

Meanwhile I’m killing them with kindness: giving them lifts to the supermarket (they don’t have a car), providing breakfast supplies (they arrived late at night) and I even took them a chilled jug of tinto de verano (what tourists call sangria) down to the pool (it was v warm today)

Still, 3 days to go so plenty of time for my over-hosptality to slip and Ms. Superhost to show her true colours … there could be a problem though. She is Irish. And though I’m very aware that the Irish have not all been angels in the past, I have never personally met one who has not been utterly charming.

But I’m still On My Guard.


You wouldn’t be a bit worried about hosting me though, would you? And I’m a dreaded you-know what :slight_smile:


Great. You know hosts like you make it really hard for hosts who want to charge extra for toilet paper and towels to do so. :wink:


Ah careful now (Father Dougal voice). She’ll mark you down for being too nice!
How many reviews does she have? I think that makes a big difference. If she’s a well-established host, hopefully she will understand the importance of the ratings. If she got superhost status after hosting only 10 guests, she might think that she knows it all and is the bees knees.

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and forum moderator! (gasp!)

We live upstairs, so maybe when my husband says something ridiculous you would come up and just close the conversation. That might be a perk. :wink:


Yep - doubly scary :slight_smile:

Even though I’ve been in the biz a few years I still carp myself when another host stays :slight_smile:

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Well, Mrs Irish Superhost and daughter left a couple of days ago and although things were not looking good for the Wicked SH Theory, I thought I’d leave it until review time before I reported in case she turned round and bit me there …

But no, glowing review, and among the nicest guests we’ve had this season. They even brought along a bottle of wine when we invited them for a drink (ok, it was the bottle we’d left for them in their fridge, but the thought was there …).

So my completely unscientific experiment proves, for me at least, that not all SH’s are bitches/bastards … particularly if they are Irish!


It’s something I’ve mentioned before, on the basis we’ve now had a few hosts/superhosts stay. To date we haven’t had an issue, none of the horror stories told on here.

Treat them like any other guest, and if your product is good enough then why worry. Obviously you’ll get complete looper superhosts, just like you get complete looper guests, that’s just the joys of being in the hospitality industry.

Maybe we get a different breed of superhost guest in Andalucia? :slight_smile:


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Or Yorkshire! :wink:

I’m only hosting you if you promise to bring me the Yorkshire Tea bags!

Of course. I never travel without them.

And I also never travel without a corkscrew :slight_smile:

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Why did you have a theory that they are terrible people in the first place? Asking for a Superhost Friend. :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t my theory at all, and in fact I was trying to disprove it … but if you look back through other threads on here you’ll find that it’s pretty much an idee fixe among many posters that SHs make terrible guests. I was trying to put an alternative view.


I hosted my first superhost last week, and he was super pleasant! Our exterior was being painted, and I offered him free breakfast to compensate for the inconvenience as it had slipped my mind to mention at time of booking. He was very understanding, accepted breakfast, answered all my questions about Australia where he is from, and left a glowing review.

I was, however, super nervous until the review was posted…


Hosted a Superhost Saturday night, great guy and gave me a lovely review. Superhosts rock!


I agree. We’ve hosted lots of hosts and Superhosts. They’ve all been great.