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Watch out for prices on changed reservations!

Just a warning to look closely at charges for modified reservations. In the past 24 hours, I’ve had two guests request reservation changes, and AirBNB has tried to undercharge them both times, so watch out!

The first, which wanted to add a day, resulted in an additional charge of about 33% of my rate for that night. I had to jack up the price to get to my normal rate.

The second time, the guest increased the number of guests from 1 to 2, and AirBNB reduced her bill by about 25%! No problem - I don’t charge for a second person, so declined the amendment and told her it was just fine to bring along her aunt. But if I hadn’t noticed, I would have been out a chunk of change.


Where you able to determine how/why these incidents occurred? Where did Air get the pricing from? That’s really concerning.

I never accept reservation changes. Sorry, our policy does not allow for changes to a confirmed reservation.


Nope, no idea why it happened. It’s a total fluke that I had two changes, and I accepted them because both were to my advantage (or made no difference).

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