Watch out for prices on changed reservations!

Just a warning to look closely at charges for modified reservations. In the past 24 hours, I’ve had two guests request reservation changes, and AirBNB has tried to undercharge them both times, so watch out!

The first, which wanted to add a day, resulted in an additional charge of about 33% of my rate for that night. I had to jack up the price to get to my normal rate.

The second time, the guest increased the number of guests from 1 to 2, and AirBNB reduced her bill by about 25%! No problem - I don’t charge for a second person, so declined the amendment and told her it was just fine to bring along her aunt. But if I hadn’t noticed, I would have been out a chunk of change.


Where you able to determine how/why these incidents occurred? Where did Air get the pricing from? That’s really concerning.

I never accept reservation changes. Sorry, our policy does not allow for changes to a confirmed reservation.


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Nope, no idea why it happened. It’s a total fluke that I had two changes, and I accepted them because both were to my advantage (or made no difference).

This is happening to me, also. Any change to an existing reservation (whether by me or by the guest) lowers the nightly rate to about $20. This is not a price I EVER use. I cannot figure out what is happening. It happens across multiple listings.

I have a guest that rented January 1 to April 30. My rate is $85 a night. The guest asked for an extension till August 13. I granted the request. Airbnb changed the nightly rate to $55 for the whole 223 day rental. Right now I can’t get any help from Airbnb and I’m out $6500 and the guest won’t return my calls. Not sure how I’m going to make my house payment. Any suggestions?

Did you check past promotions that you might have had in the past such as a monthly discount?

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There’s a lot of posts on the Airbnb forum recently saying the price changed to $20/ night when an extension was done. There is obviously some kind of glitch. Sounds like hosts should be doing extensions as new bookings until they get it worked out.

never had any. I rent my condo to afford travel and for the last three years it’s been 85 a night.

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Hosts definitely need to be aware of this issue. At least from my end, even if I initiate the reservation change the system reduced the rate. I have to manually adjust the final price to reflect the appropriate daily rate, which is a pain in the arse.

Airbnb is not the place to do apartment leasing. Yes, they are trying to convince you it’s safe but this renter will get tenant rights if you are in the US. In your situation you need to cancel the rest of the reservation.


Everyone does their own thing, but I do agree with KKC on the issue of long-term bookings. Where I am located (Washington State, US) a guest would gain tenant status (and protections) starting the 28th day of occupancy. Therefore I have set my maximum booking to 27 days. I also have long-term rentals, but with them I have a security deposit and a written agreement. Again, everyone has their own system, so no judgement from me. Just sharing.

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It sounds like you are adjusting each day of the daily rate, but you should be able to just adjust the total rate. Are you not able to?

I actually WISH I could adjust the daily rate, but I have to go in and adjust the entire thing, accounting for fees, taxes and all else based on the daily rate, the multi-day discount, etc. I’d rather just say, “Nope, the daily rate is $XX” and be done with it. I mean, it’s just math and I can do math, but seems like a big waste of time and energy when it’s a known glitch.