Was this terrorist using an Airbnb?

Possible. Or it could have been gumtree. Either way, the owner will soon learn if the apartment is truly cleaned between guests. How many finger prints will they find? DNA samples on the plates and silverware?


It really doesn’t matter whether it was an Airbnb rental or not. I’m sure that there are sensationalist online writers who will post ‘Manchester Bomber Used Airbnb!’ in their headlines. And they say, in the copy ‘the bomber was staying in a short term rental such as those offered by Airbnb and similar sites’.

But despite the ‘such as’, the general population will blame Airbnb, as usual.

Short term rentals have been around for thousands of years. Um … who is familiar with the ‘no room at the inn’ story? If that happened today, Airbnb would get the blame. :slight_smile:

I was at university in Manchester and even in those dim and distant days (many years before Airbnb or even the internet were around) there were plenty of short term rental apartments.


Typical sensationalist report by London’s main newspaper now run by our ex Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minster), - a man with no journalistic experience

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Wow, @jaquo, that’s a great idea for the Nativity play at our church, next Christmas. Our pastor is really open to new ideas. What about this one?

“When Joseph and Mary arrived at Bethlehem, there was no room for them at the inn. So they used IB on Airbnb and their newborn child was put into a bed in the children’s room at their Air rental. No manger was needed. And behold, because of strict privacy protection laws at the Airbnb web site, Herod the king, who was out to kill him, was unable to locate Jesus. So the trip to Egypt was cancelled”.


Love it! Airbnb should use it as a video :slight_smile:


And don’t forget that they weren’t able to accept the 3 king’s gifts due to the host’s No Unregistered Guests policy.