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Was my account hacked or am I being scammed?


I got a text message this morning stating that my AirBnB password had been changed, then a subsequent message with a verification code, then a third message stating that I had booked a reservation. I didn’t change my password, nor did I make any recent reservations. AirBnB customer service was woefully unhelpful and just stated that they didn’t see any reservations under my account (although she never seemed to understand that the message was for me as a guest, not as a host). She refused to escalate my concern and let me speak to a supervisor. How can I ensure my account has not been hacked or at least make sure another user is not using my phone number? The phone number the last message came from appears to be an AirBnB number when I do a Google search.

I verified in my account that there are no reservations for me as a traveler, and I never received any email or app notifications about these things, just SMS text messages.


Sounds like Airbnb’s system is getting its wires crossed. Just change your password to something long and complex and you should be good to go.


Unlink to any other accounts like facebook. Reset your password using numbers, symbols, capitals.

My account was hacked, just changed profile pictures, one looked like him actually on his PC No warning messages from Airbnb, its not always picked up by them. I sent them all the screen shots, they wont acknowledge a hack. Their system should have picked up modifications from a different location and different pc, but it never did.

Contact the host and tell them it was not you and check your bank account to make sure your account was not also hacked.

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