Warning! If guests damaged your home upload photo within hours

I had a very bad guest experience ( Korean group for e tire house booking) she checked out two weeks ago. The moment they checked out I found three big kicking holes in the master room door been covered by a bath towel . Our check out time is before 11am. They checked out at 12pm. So my cleaners waited outside for nearly one hour. And I asked Booking guests boyfriend Andy why there are three big holes in the door, he said he don’t know.

I asked where is the booking person Rachel, Andy said she’s at work also dont answer the phone.

So I called airbnb immediately and passed phone to Andy ask Andy talk to airbnb and explain why various damage in m6 apartment. ( Lamp broken, blood stain everywhere , broken glasses stucked on the wall and on the carpet, holes on the quilt cover, toilet leaking etc.) I am furious but kept as calm as I can . Andy only admitted the damage but didn’t explain why there are damage.

I asked Airbnb what should I do, they said upload photos go resolution centre within 14 days they will help me. I told them very busy today because new guests will arrive within 3 hours I need clean I will upliad photos tomorrow or the day after
They said ok just upload as soon as I can and within 14 days ( with all the email correspondence)

The day after is my partner’s birthday so I don’t have time at evening either. Extremely busy during the new year period , I only managed uploaded photos to resolution centre 2 days after Rachel checked out . Rachel never answer my call or response me anything except “sorry about that, I will call you back soon” message after I first messages her through airbnb.

4 days later after my resolution submittion and requested $1150 damage claim, airbnb emailed me back ( same person answered my call who emailed me back ) said because I didn’t submit photos before next guest check in ( I have back to back booking, check out before 11am, check in after 4pm), so airbnb CANT continue my case so case will be CLOSED!!! You serious? They must be joking!!! I was really upset can’t believe the same airbnb person told me " take your time , submit it within 14 days" didn’t warn me to also need submit before next guests arrival. I only have 5 hours before next guests check in but I have to
, Do housekeeping, ask guests what happened, call airbnb, find all the purchase receipts and ask for professional provide me quotation , taking photos and submit to airbnb. Etc.

This month is the most busiest time for airbnb host especially for people have multiple listings . It’s just seems impossible to do all the thing before next guests to check in

I called back airbnb immediately after received rejection email. Argued with them for hours and they finally reopened my case for reconsideration and i received email from them said I have to submit everything they requested within 72 hours and today is 28th Dec. I really don’t know how can I collect all the documents within 72 hours festival period.

Warning all the hosts , if damage occurred must open resolution case and submit photos immediately!!!

You have to get it done. I had a similar issue, not as much money thankfully. Being a host is a job, you need to do the work call the contractors and explain need for paperwork. You’ve had two weeks since they checked out.

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I do not understand. How do you know it is $1,150 worth of damage if you do not have supporting documentation?

I agree that it is not acceptable that the AirBNB rep didn’t tell you that the images had to be submitted before the next guest arrived.

You don’t have two weeks time.

It says you need submit within 14 days or before next check in. In my case I only had 5 hours to complete everything.

I called a few door supply company. It’s like my estimation within limited time

Can they submit a written quote? It doesn’t have to be fancy but it does have to be in writing.

We had to submit a written quote with the company’s details clearly identifiable as supporting documentation. We had previously used a company online, and used a screen shot of the screen that demonstrated the cost (excluded labour). AirBNB found this acceptable.

Can you ask for an extension? Most businesses in Australia re-open on 3 January but there could be a few that are open 27-29 Dec as they are technically working days.

I know it has to be before next checkin, however you have been able to get an extension. The damage has to be repaired, in your place I would have been working on getting estimates in the last two weeks. Deadlines mean other plans have to be adjusted.

I’d go back to Airbnb and remind them that you called them immediately after the damage was done to seek guidance.

It’s true you have 14 days or you next guest checking in (which ever is the sooner) but in this case you flagged it with Airbnb immediately and then got on with preparing for your next guest.

I must say sometimes (generally I still believe overall Airbnb are trying to be good and fair) you get an agent who is too focused on process and doesn’t really process what you’re saying. Call again and keep pressing your point.

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Sometimes ABB don’t need to get involved if the guest agrees to pay. I had a coffee spill on my carpet and my guests agreed to my request to purchase a carpet cleaning system and area rug to cover the stain in case it didn’t work. All I did was find the items on amazon and submit. I did do it within hours of check out. It makes sense to do this in order to tie the damage to your outgoing guest.

Yes I waited three days for guests to response but she didn’t response anything. Do have to get airbnb involved

sounds like a nightmare, best of luck and thanks for the warning as I didn’t know about the time frames here.

Yes that’s what I am doing at moment. Through airtasker and also visited some door supply shop got quote. However the most difficult part I’d the toilet damage ( water leaking) I think they kicked toilet , so when I flush the toilet it start leaking the water. Airbnb asked me to provide various documents about water leaking.

___what airbnb asked about toilet leaking issue ____
"As per the toilet leak event:

  1. Additional photos of damages caused by the plumbing issue.
  2. A plumber’s invoice with an incident report describing how the issue arose and why the guest is liable.
  3. Documentation showing when your plumbing was recently installed or serviced.
  4. Receipts, invoices or estimates for costs incurred (please note that we are unable to support word or excel files, and require that any such records be on company letterhead).
  5. Whether you provided instructions to your guests during check-in regarding your plumbing."

We had an issue once with a guest and went through the resolution centre. They were excellent! You must follow their instructions, though. If they give you a time limit, then send pics within that limit. They can’t just fix the problem asap. It has to be documented. How would you possibly be able to go through with the next booking with damage like that??
I know it is a hassle, but saying you are too busy is no excuse. Also, the bill will be submitted to the guest. They are the ones responsible for paying it. In our case, airbnb paid for half the bill and the guest paid the other half. Also…make sure you review these horrible, destructive guests so they don’t do the same to anyone else.

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BTW…once you go through the resolution centre, you stop all correspondence with the guest. Airbnb is the one now doing the communication with them.

These 2 sound ridiculous to me and that’s the kindest word I could find


Yes, I would have forced ABB to cancel the guests and put them up somewhere nice (ABB can do this and pays the difference) and got my place fixed and claimed the loss of income too

I know! I was pretty stressed too but I can’t cancel them because I just really don’t want to disappoint people. You can imagine on the arrival they they been told they have to stay somewhere else how frustrated it could be? Plus the new arrival guest is a new year long booking for two weeks, I don’t want to lose that money unless airbnb happy to fully compensate my lose of income? I doubt it ( anyone had experience that airbnb fully compensate the future booking when damage occurred?)

We just did some cosmetic fix.

  1. We used glass gel sealed toilet ( still leaking but better than before, not too much noticeable) we placed super absorbing bathmat too.
  2. All the blood marks on the wardorbe has been soray and wiped off
  3. Blood stain in the carpet used carpet stain removal get rid off 80%, shoes dirt stain can’t get rid off it, used rug to cover shoes dirt stain and blood stain
  4. Used a big white cardboard with Blu Tag lol to cover three holes on the door. Lucky it is on the buttom and door is white too so not that noticeable.
  5. Replaced lamp
  6. Changed quilt cover
  7. Bought a box of chocolates and wine for guests to apologised for the door holes. And explained it was the damage from previous guests. You know what she said to me? " Oh, I wasn’t aware of the door damage until you told me"

It was very stressful day. If airbnb can fully compensate me I will definitely cancel all the upcoming guests booking , did anyone had good experience?

We had a good outcome using the Resolution Center.

I agree with @Emily’s comments.

I had good outcome too. But can they cover your lose of income if you cancel future booking due to the damage from previous guests?

Glad I read this thread.
So if I ever have a similar problem, I’ll submit claim before next check in.
I don’t have a security deposit, so I wonder what good a claim would do anyway?