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Warning HOST ...Hackers get into Airbnb Account Trying to Rent LONDON

 This morning my phone went of wildly at 4:30 am with notifications someone was trying to rent places in LONDON under my profile ( I'm in Washington state).  They changed my card number and proceeded to trying to rent .This person said that it was their husbands niece and she needed a place to stay while she was their. The niece supposable is named LyShanda Evans.... they did give a bogus phone number for the host to call them. I spent an hour on the phone with Airbnb trying to get this straightened out. Airbnb was phenomenal on getting it fixed right away. PLEASE  rent your place out to only the person in the profile and the guest that's with them. You could be inviting a thief or squatter into your home. I have actually rented out to one person this spring whose parents stayed with me and she didn't.... but she came with them since they were very old. She just lived right up the road from my house. I would of not done that any other time. I host more than I travel so the card they used any of the income, I received from Hosting would of gone to these hackers.
To keep your profile extra secure....login into your account....click on settings...then security... then notification. So when someone logs into your account or profile you are instantly notified. Airbnb also told me keep your Airbnb account off on your device when you are in public WiFi areas......and to change your password every 60 to 90 days. Hope this helps you all out. BE SAFE!
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