Warning guests about crime

We’ve had an uptick in muggings in my neighborhood which make me a bit concerned for guests. Normally, this kind of thing would only happen after 2am to drunk people walking solo but in the past few months, couples walking home from dinner at upscale restaurants were robbed at gunpoint at 1030 pm, etc. We live in a hood that is normally considered quite safe from violent crime (property theft is common, armed muggings were a rarity). I feel I ought to tell guests to be careful & take precautions (I dont carry a purse in the evening when walking anymore) but i don’t want to freak them out either. I’d feel awful if a guest were mugged while staying with me & I’d imagine that obvious tourists would be targets. For those of you in urban areas, how do you handle this?

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I think it’s best to be honest and tell them to use caution if they plan on being out at night. Just keep it short, “This is a safe area, but as tourists it’s probably a good idea to look like a local and leave the purse at home and carry essentials in your pocket.”

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Thanks J – that’s a very neutral way of stating it. Although I’m struggling about whether to mention there’s been an upsurge in muggings so they actually need to be extra careful and might consider taking uber in the evening, even for short distances.

On a related note, there’s blood out on the sidewalk today just a few houses down from me and I’m wondering whether I should go clean it up so that don’t guests notice it. Some drunk guy was walking around with a bullet wound and didn’t realize he was shot and left a trail of blood down the sidewalk (it’s a very odd story and doesn’t quite add up, but whatever). I don’t know how to wash dried blood out of a sidewalk – any suggestions?

Oxyclean or hydrogen peroxide is what I’d try. They are good on organic stains. Also maybe “scrubbing” it off with something like kitty litter. Sprinkle it on the stain and rub the litter or sand with your foot?

I would warn guests. If someone gets victimized while staying with you and puts it in a review that could have a very negative effect on bookings. An ounce of prevention, as they say. One of my guests said she stayed in New Orleans with a host who provided pepper spray to every guest. :astonished:

LOL – yes, screw the granola bars and water bottles, here’s your welcome canister of pepper spray. Thanks for the tips K9 – I’m sure the neighbors would love it if I cleaned it up tonight. Not actually sure if I can bring myself to do it. It’s so disturbing and gross.


Do you still carry a wallet or money someplace else? I went to college in Baltimore, and campus security told us it’s better to have something to hand over, i.e “mugger money.” The last thing you want is them to get angry when you have nothing, especially if they are desperate junkies.

But, yes, carrying a big, shiny purse that’s easy to snatch is not wise late at night.

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Yes, i have often have some money and usually my cell phone but I’m really hoping muggers won’t bother if they don’t see a purse or phone.

Do you have a hose that will reach? I find that a little bleach sprinkled on first, then a good hosing with one of those attachments on the end deals with most things on outside paths. I don’t think I’ve ever done blood though!

It’s across the street so I can’t reach with a hose. From what I’ve read, peroxide and bleach solutions with a stiff brush is the best way. When I put my place on AirBNB, I didn’t imagine it would drive me to these types of tasks, lol…

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I basically tell them this. Although in ‘paradise”, it is important that you become familiar with your surroundings and acclimate yourself.Behave as you would in any city and do not become a victum. Remember that even in paradise unwanted activity can occur, however, by being aware of your surroundings and locking your doors when you are in or out of your unit, can greatly reduce the circumstances that may get in the way of you enjoying your experience here.