Warning about Seattle guest

I think there should be a forum to warn other hosts about bad guests. If anyone knows of one – hopefully broken down by city – could you please let me know?

If a woman named “Olivia” in Seattle wants to book: don’t do it. She had a party at our house last night…while our downstairs unit (house is separated into two units) guest had to endure loud music and rude people. Our downstairs guest ended up leaving…booking a hotel. She will be getting a full refund. I’m not trying to bash our property manager, Pillow Home, YET…but they did not handle this booking well at all and were completely unresponsive to the downstairs guest. Olivia, by the way, is FROM Seattle…and that’s one reason we were skeptical of Pillow booking her into our Seattle home. Olivia had/has no profile. Amazingly…laughably…Olivia is demanding a refund because she says the downstairs guest was “rude.” Lastly - we have a Nest thermostat…and spent all night resetting the temperature to 70…because Olivia and her crew kept cranking it to 80.

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I’m in Seattle, too. Don’t rent to this guest Will Lee - he used my home address to apply for various vocational schools in the area and made it look like it’s his home when he only stayed for 3 days. He’s even coming up as a resident of my home on Spokeo searches now!

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Is PILLOW going to refund the downstairs guests out of their own pocket, since they did not handle the situation and shut the party down?

That was our very first Airbnb experience. That is such ancient history in
my mind. Pillow did not do anything reasonable.

I could not be more happy about being no longer affiliated with pillow.

By the way your response is the first and only response that I’ve ever
received via email to my personal email address about that post.

How is it going now? Any more bad guests?

no, not at all.

i don’t think my theory is novel: it seems to me that the type of people
who do air bnb are good tenants.

there is one tenant who has stayed at our place…who asks for reductions
in price because her daughter is ill. i don’t think people seeking air bnb
should be asking for discounts because the entire thing is one giant

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