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Wardrobe lock - sliding doors - tips?


Hi there, I have a ikea PAX wardrobe with sliding doors for which I would like to find a lock to protect my belongings when I host guests. Anyone has tips?
Thank you!


A nice looking hasp and a padlock should work just fine. You can find them at any Hardware store (Ace etc) or Big Box (Home Despot, Lowest).


Hi Laura

If you find suitable ones would you let me know?


I have a built in closet with sliding doors. When the doors are closed there is an overlap in the center of about 2 inches. I installed a push pin type lock in the center where the overlap occurs. The lock is screwed into the side edge of the door in front and a hole is drilled behind it. There is a metal sleeve that goes in the hole to finish off the appearance. When it is locked the pin in the lock goes into the hole behind it. I installed it at the bottom near the floor for esthetic purposes. I got it at the local big box home improvement store. I tried to find one like it online and was unsuccessful. I found others that mount differently and I don’t know if the pin would be long enough. You could also try the ratchet type locks that are used for glass display cases.

I will say it’s not the most secure thing in the world. It sends a message of “hey, stay out” but if they want in there is enough play in the doors for them to force them apart. A longer pin would prevent that on my door but I wasn’t able to find a lock with the same configuration I have and a longer pin. I had some PIA Italian guests who forced their way into that closet and put a big scratch along the bottom of the door.

I’d be happy to take a picture of my set up when my current guest checks out if you’re interested.


That would be great please do.


IKEA hacks has a few ideas:


The downside to providing a clean, quiet, comfortable room is that no one ever checks out earlier than expected. :confused:


This is what I have. These pins are very short so it has to be close to the door. You can also buy ones that install into the door but they are more expensive and you need a hole saw. This was a good cheap solution for a traditional closet door. An IKEA wardrobe might need one that installs through the front of the overlapping door, assuming there is overlap.


Thank you! This is actually what I think I’ll end doing, at both sides of the wardrobe, although I was hoping to find a “technology” to avoid making holes in my closet and just block the doors together :slight_smile:


Hello! Thank you very much for the tip!! The idea is indeed to send the message : stay away from my clothes :slight_smile: I can’t believe some ppl try to sneak in… Anyway, your system looks perfect! Not sure if I can find the equivalent in Brussels, but it will help get inspiration :slight_smile: Thank you very much!


I added a photo of my wardrobe, I think it is similar to yours?


Sure! I will investigate this week-end and let you know!


Fantastic. Thanks so much.


If you have something that’s valuable or something can’t even be replaced. I always think the host should not leave them in the rental places. Just rent a small storage unit to store your own stuff. So many times that happened, hosts lost 20+k worth of personal stuff. Why even leave such valuable stuff in a rental to start with? Doesn’t make any sense.


Sometimes the solution is closer to the problem than we think! It took me a week to figure this out, but we have a very easy and cheap Ikea option. I hope this helps many of you!! Best Laura


Hi This is my first time replying to a post as I am a newbie. We used a window lock as they have a long pin and installed one at the bottom and top. We also put a small sign on the door not to be opened. Private - please do not open. So far no attempts to open by guests. Hope that helps.


Found a way to do what OP is asking. Took me 1-2 hours of online nothingness, and Ace Hardware treasure hunting. Get a basic door hinge. Mount on the inner door with bolts all the way through - not screw, but socket bolts so no thief with screwdriver can easily undo. The swinging part of the hinge will accept a standard combo lock. That lock will act as the “stop” between doors. See pics. I attached a little key ring to help pull it out when you attach the lock.


I have a wardrobe Sino Venge from DAKO Furniture and I just added two padlocks on the sides. It’s attached to the handle and side of the wardrobe. :slight_smile:


Hi @K9KarmaCasa, this looks great. Do you know the specific name for this type of lock? I’m searching for something similar in UK hardware stores.

Any assistant would be great appreciated.


@Spade here’s a link from the US store where I purchased it.


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