Want to Earn Credit for Storing Guests' Items?

Rapitt is a new way of working with your local community. They have re-imagined interactions with small businesses and local stores and built a platform that takes care of everything for hosts while you plan on growing your business and expanding your market.

Has anyone ever asked you where they could store a couple of boxes or a large package while they go sightseeing or do more shopping? Then Rapiitt has great news for you! They’re launching their first service - very short-term Luggage Storage - in 20+ countries, and you can try it right now. Hold on to customers’ items for them for a few hours and get paid - all you have to do is download the Rapiitt App and become a hub and they will guide nearby customers directly to your doorstep.

Don’t have the space to offer luggage storage? If you know someone who does, let them know: you earn credit for each store you refer that signs up and completes a storage order. And Rapitt will let you know of more opportunities as they expand their platform and add on services.

For full information on the program and how you can sign on as an affiliate partner, visit the Rapiitt Affiliate Page.

Greetings, I wonder if this app also work for a business like mine. I have a small family/children’s entertainment center in our local mall. They used to have lockers for people to be able to store stuff but they don’t have it anymore. As we know taking things out to your car while you’re shopping isn’t always a good idea. I have the room in my business that I can have a dedicated area to store things like this.

Hello Ava, Hope you’re doing well.

we just spoke about this case in the team, I can gladly help get started and setup your business for rapitt network. additionally, we’re ordering a few sleek looking stands for selected providers and I can include your business in the list. this should grab some attention :grinning:

let me know “mohsen [at] rapitt dot com” and let’s turn your unique entertainment business into a rapitt flagship storage center :tada:

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I will get in touch with me when I am back in my office on Saturday. Thank you, it sounds like this could be interesting

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