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Walmart has their bath towels on sale!

Many brands too, and their Mainstay brand are $2.74 each!

Fantastic! I think my closest store is roughly 3000 miles. I wonder how many towels I’d need to buy to make the saving worthwhile. :smile:


I wonder if you could write that off on your taxes as a business expense…

“Yes, Mr. Taxman. I needed to fly to the Wal-Mart in Hawaii/Orlando/Vail/San Franciso. (Take your pick) to purchase towels for my BNB”


LOL! I just checked Asda, which is Walmart subsidiary in UK, and they don’t have a towel sale but their George summer double duvets are going for £10. I bought some Asda duvets last year and they are pretty good. Not top quality, obviously, but fantastic value and for £10 they’re great for a back-up.

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Ha! Asda!!! I prefer Garden1gnome’s suggestion of a trip to the US… :sunglasses:

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Well yes, obviously! But back in the real world, let’s get excited about a trip to Asda to buy duvets. Aahh, the life of an airbnb host. Never a dull moment.
edit their sirloin steaks, two for £7, are not bad either.

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