Wall Street Journal Gifted Article: A Feel-Good Alternative to Airbnb That Will Earn You Bragging Rights

I wish there were a site that aggregated all these offerings.

There is this site, but with few listings. https://www.alberghidiffusi.it/scattered-residence/?lang=en

Here’s the article

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$600/night with a 2 night minimum for straw hut in Rwanda?

Wonder how much these people paid to get a feature article in WSJ.


First thought… are the creepy crawlies an added bonus as a local experience? :grinning:

At least at a quick glance, some of the other properties looked more reasonably priced, don’t you think?

How could you tell how reasonably priced they are- “From about…” means nothing. It could mean for one person on one day they wanted to fill, in off-season when the weather is such that no one would want to go there.

I don’t get it, how is this different to what most of us do?
I have renovated an old historic home, I offer that as STR. The property is being cared for, and people come here to enjoy the early settler/farm experience, and I send them to all the local businesses that I can. how is this not “feel good tourism” as well?? geez, some journalists really hate airbnb, or they know they get clicks if they put it in the title.

spoiler: I googled the first two places, they are on both ABB and BDC



Like I said, someone paid to get featured. Probably the “journalist” got
free stays.

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mmm, those listings have no reviews, looks like the host has only been on the platform since sept '22. perhaps they had it listed with travel agents before, and now have jumped onto abb, paid for some marketing, and off they go. As usual the takeaway is: I rarely trust mainstream media to tell me the truth. I don’t blame the host, there’s nothing wrong with airbnb (well, of course I have some opinions on that! but I won’t bring it up) as a platform to market your unique property. If I were the Twitter type, I’d be pointing out this journalist’s BS…