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Not going to link here and be one of those obnoxious “advertisers,” but a friend’s spouse has an Etsy site with free shipping framed & unframed prints of their paintings of various U.S. locales (heavy on NYC area) and a few places around the globe. Reasonable price and nice conventional style suitable for tossing up on Airbnb walls. DM me if you want the link.
Mods if this is violative you will not hurt my feelings by deleting it!

Gee, maybe I should post a gallery for my Alaskan artist and photographer friends? :wink:

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Why not? I would like to look at the gallery, unrelated to my Airbnb.

Do we have an “off-topic” feature in this forum?

Too funny. Threads here go stolen cats to goats to snakes, tone of Airbnb notifications to what Ching Ching means, house rules to orsolo sherry.

Do we need an off topic designation? :sunglasses:. If so, I’ll participate!


I use my own local photography on the walls of my STR. Folks seem to enjoy seeing local landscapes of the area. I have a second line of photographs that are of flowers in my garden but with a sexual flair that have it he bedroom. I sometimes wonder if they may be inappropriate but so far no once has said anything. :wink:


If your friend wants to market to Airbnb hosts they would be best to identify which hosts they see as their target market i.e. New York hosts and invest in marketing/advertising to drive traffic from these hosts to their website. @dpfromva

True that, as soon as I typed it I thought “We don’t need an off-topic feature, we fearlessly go off-topic all the time!”

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No insight/influence on marketing; I just like some of his prints and paintings!

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Gorgeous. Here’s a type of ginger flower I have in my garden that I find quite sexy.
Just a snapshot- I’m not a photographer.

Just post the links folks - if nothing else it means we’ve got ammo for when we want to bin you.



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Ha, I’ll see you and raise you by posting his Portuguese trolley:

Huh. When I think about it, we’ve got plenty on you, no matter what you post.


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Bbbbffffttttt to you!!!

Beautiful. I played with your image (hope you don’t mind) in photoshop. IMG_2818

Of course I don’t mind. My photo was a bit fuzzy to start with.