Walking into my house without knocking

i just had a guest i was waiting for walk into my home without even knocking… i was home. i have been renting rooms in my house and have also had many guests on couchsurfing and in 12 years i have never had anyone do this. he seems nice and is only a one night guest but i really dont feel good about this. i may have to mention it in a review. your thoughts? has anyone else had this happen?

You leave your doors unlocked?

Maybe he has only stayed in full house/apartment listings before and self-guided entry was the norm.

yeah my front door is unlocked. but he knew it was a room for rent and he knew i was here. honestly i have never ever had a single person, renter/guest/friend just walk in my house that way on arrival.maybe ill start locking my door.

Maybe you didn’t hear him knock if you were busy doing something else ? I am not sure it is worth mentioning it in a review if he is otherwise a nice guest.

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no i am sitting right near the door. i really dont think i would post this if it didnt happen.,

It’s happened to me loads of times. I live in a very safe neighbourhood and often have the door unlocked during the day when I’m in. Mostly guests ring the doorbell but sometimes they don’t realise it works and just come on in. If you have your front door open/unlocked you can’t just assume people understand that you expect them to knock first! Maybe they tried to get your attention, maybe they thought an open door was an invitation, maybe they are travelling for the first time in your country and not sure of the norms. So yeah, if you don’t want people walking into your house unannounced, lock your front door. It’s quite simple really, no?

I have had this happen to me loads of times it was wierd at 1st but don’t really mind it know. I want them to feel like my house is there house. It’s not a big deal so don’t mention it in the review.

Malice can be swapped out for a number of other adjectives.


Ditto. The only time my doors are locked is if I’m out, asleep or in the shower. Guests walk into my house, the UPS man does, neighbours do … in fact, it’s as though I’m the official office for our complex!

It’s certainly not something I’d write in the review.

Isn’t it amusing all the new things we learn as airbnb hosts? Stuff I would never think of doing is just normal for others.

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