Walk through requirements?

I have just implemented a new policy. I am happy to accept the new folks. The ones with a start date listed as the current month and no host reviews. But, now I message them on the platform with a “because you are new to AirBnb with no previous host reviews, a check out walk through is required. Please text, call or come knock on my door when you are getting ready to check out. It will only take a moment. Thank You.”
I am sick and tired of “giving people a chance,” and having the exact things that are stated in the listing, in the booking message, in the house manual, posted on the door, and verbally reinforced in person upon check in; not done!
Any thoughts?

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I think that’s a great idea! But without consequences, there’s nothing forcing them to comply. You might want to add that there’s an automatic $50 fee or something for missing the walkthrough plus any damages that you find. And be sure to put that in your house rules that anyone new to AirBnB must complete a walkthrough at checkout.


Good ideas! Thank you! I will put it in the requirements and charge an extra $. if they don’t.

Guests will argue they are not “new” to Airbnb.

I agree, guests argue with any supervision. But when the guest has no reviews and a start date matching the current month and year, they are new.

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I get quite a few guests with no reviews but joined years ago. Are they “new?”

Maybe just take out the “new” and leave the “no host reviews” as the requirement.

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I have gotten a few of those myself. I message them and ask about it - “Hi, I see you joined 20xx but you have no reviews and your profile isn’t filled out either. I depend on either of those to get a good feel as to whether or not my home is a good fit for my guests. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what brings you to our area? Thanks so much for understanding.” I have gotten reasonable answers so far. One person, he traveled with friends and each one booked the trips. It was now his turn. None of them were aware they could attach their companions profiles to each trip, they know now LOL. The other one said his wife always booked the trips, then proceeded to ask me to book off platform. Um, nope. My conclusion at this point, some it is they joined and did like the first guest said, others only have the profile to approach hosts and ask to book off platform. I have heard one other possibility and that is they joined when it was the thing to do but never actually used it.

Make it simple. EVERYONE does a walk through at Check-IN and at Check-OUT. Period, case closed.

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