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Waiting for guests..maybe coming maybe not...old one but good one


i’ve read the past threads and wanted to see if anyone had any new thoughts…

we seem to be having a spate of…i’ll turn up at 2…then nothing till 5pm…or similar.

one couple asked to be let in at 7am (early train) - we felt sorry for them - and they having waited for them till 12noon they messaged to say they wont be coming till 8pm as they were off to museums.

happnes often but it means we wait in the flats doing nothing - for hours at a time…waiting - phones switched off, or no one answers etc.

i’m thinking - get the schlage lock.

or otherwise - tell them ill be there for 45 min - if ur not there i need to go home and it will take me 1 1/2 hours to come back as we are in the country…

otherwise…my assistant will be there for one hour - if she needs to wait more we will charge xxx usd an hour…

not sure really - the issue is guests are really being rude - making someone wait 1, 2, 3, 4 hours isnt nice…

let me know if anyone has found the ‘golden solution’


I am hospitable, but don’t I feel used when they don’t bother to let me know they are late!


It’s nothing to do with whether you are hospitable or not @Debthecat
I consider myself a good host, but I also have things to do like a full time job, family and friends so am not in 24/7, so am not always around.

Luckily my guests are fairly good at keeping in touch. I try and arrange to be around, but if not, they can self check in.

If you host remotely @Stpetersburg. Your guest that asked for an early check and they doesn’t arrive till the evening is just plain rude.

Why don’t you install an electronic key lock and people can do self check in, then you won’t have to wait around.


yes im thinking of doing that - is schlage the best one? or key in a box kind of thing?

but how can u let people just wait 4 hours for u?..and not pick up their calls/messages…

its become quite regular…


There isn’t a magic one size fits all solution.

SpB visitors generally arrive either at very early am on the night train or afternoon sapsan or airport (80 mins transfer )

You can advise guests on each scenario from your experience - I suppose if you can’t accept early luggage the early train arrivals can be unpredictable as they are off doing touristy things. If you can communicate with them, it’s much better and efficient but if they can’t or won’t communicate with you, sometimes it is going to go bump.

It’s all about managing people and using your experience to full effect.
Communicate in advance to get their travel details too and see if they are set up with means to communicate with you.


managing people is like herding cats - and i like cats )…cats are easier.

not much u can do when u tell them 2 and they dont pick up till 9pm to say they are having dinner and will come later…


I don’t know, it is just plan rude for people to do that @Stpetersburg.

I have never had a guest do this in three years of hosting. Guests arrive normally within half an hour of when they say they will and let me know if longer delays are expected.

Do you explain that you live remotely? Do you tell them you will need to charge if staff have to wait for them?

With guests like this I would definite use an electronic or key box check in system.


i’ve been too nice - but im thinking of doing all that - its really not a one off…happens quite regularly…for me its unbelievable…if i was 15 min late i woudl be embarrassed.


Of course there is, you need to be more proactive about how you are managing your listing.

You can tell guests that your assistant will only be available during a two hour slot as agreed with them to let them in and if someone needs to return to let them in there will be an additional charge.


yes going to do that - how much woudl u charge? 75usd? but then is it legal? woudl airbnb say no you cant charge for that.


Of course you can. Put it in your house rules.

I don’t know how much to charge as I have never had to do that, but I have heard on forums that people do this. And seen it on some listings.

Personally I think it would be far easier just to install a key lock/electronic check in.


Having self check has distinct risks and certainly not something I would be happy to do.

I have a set check in times, if somebody wants to come outside of those times and I can then fine. But not otherwise.

We all know people do not read the listing and I had somebody turn up well before my check in time last week, I was here and no problem but I know people have turned up when I am not here.


StP, it seems like you may not be making the expectations clear.

I put it in my directions to the house. Guest check in time is between 4pm and 11pm. Guests who arrive after hours without a verifiable flight delay can not be admitted. Please send an ETA text when you leave the airport and expect to arrive.

You could add, “when we make an appointment to show you in, this means we have rearranged our workday to do so. Please respect our time and show up at the time you have given us.”

This addition to my directions has fixed nearly all the issues. I used to have guests stopping at bars to get a mai tai and checkin in at 1am or going to explore the lava flows and calling at 3am to say never mind they were going to stay on that side of the island after all… or just sauntering in whenever… No no no. Ain’t happening,…any longer!!!

Lava flow exploration… Quite different from putting you off while visiting the museums of your incredible city!!!

I’m green with envy thinking of your guests going to Hermitage or other world class places. I want to come visit you guys so bad!!! Foot stomp!

PS, I think you can get keypads that unlock at the witching hour and not a second earlier.


I have the Schlage deadbolt with wink hub to connect to Wifi. Huge time saver for changing codes. If you are onsite, you can get cheaper non-wifi models, where you change the codes manually.

If you get an electronic keypad, I recommend one that swings the deadbolt with a motor. Some the person actually turns the deadbolt by hand which guests find super confusing.



As you will know with Saint Petersburg mansion blocks there are often locked entrance gates to yards to negotiate and several stairwells to choose from so you might have to provide guests with three different codes.

It’s not as simple as just installing keylocks or electronic check-in ; you would need to take in to consideration overall accessibility. Some building management companies have also lately been disabling keypads so only magnet keys holders can open shared entrances.

Aside from that, today is the start of the last minute sales phase of FIFA World Cup tickets.
Get your phone charged up, could be as busy as Pyshechnaya on a white night’s Friday.


yes very piter problem - we’re ok its keypad at the entrance and thats it…

funny about the pyshechnaia - dont recommend the one on bolshaia bronnaia though - even if its v famous )

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