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Waiting for futher info from guest before I pre-approve

The potential guest has made a request but I need to discuss things with her before I pre-approve or decline.
I’ve replied (so the clock has stopped counting down which is good) but she hasn’t answered and now I have received a text from Airbnb which says:
"(AIRBNB) you can pre-approve ‘guest name’ to stay. Once you do ‘guest name’ will be able to book instantly"

I texted back telling them what I’ve done, but the text came back from another number saying:
Airbnb: unknown command

I’m not prepared to pre-approve or decline without having a conversation with the guest about my concerns but I also don’t want to be penalized by Air for doing neither. I’m hoping that as the count down has stopped this won’t happen, but the text is a new thing to me! Perhaps it’s just a push to pre-approve thing.

Anyone had this?

The text is harmless - it’s just telling you about something you can do - it’s Airbnb’s way of nudging you. But you don’t need to either approve or decline. Most of the time I don’t do either, but I have a 100% response rate.

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Thanks, yes, we had this conversation before and I am in the same situation, I’ve just never had the text so was hoping ‘they’ hadn’t started some new push to “pre-aprove/decline or else” thing.!

Really? I always get that text, and other ones too. They send multiple reminders about every inquiry. It’s quite annoying, because at that point, the initial query is usually cold, and the person who inquired is long gone. At least in my case, inquiries rarely materialize, even when it seems they are going to. I only have one person who inquired and then followed through to a booking. Anyway, the upshot is that you should not take inquries too seriously, imo.

Oh? Sorry, I don’t remember.

haha dont apologise! it was in a topic about having to pre-aprove or decline, I’ve often done neither and have my 100% rate intact!

very true, I get all excited for nothing!:grin:

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