VRBO's 'Premier Host' program

A little while ago, they sent me a congratulatory email inviting me to be a Premier Host. I promptly ignored them, not really knowing or caring what that was. (Maybe like Air’s Superhost?) Anyway, I did not sign up.

Today I get an email wanting me to do a survey about the program (of which I am apparently a member anyway. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what this is? IS it a good thing? Worthwhile doing?

I will say that the questions and slant seem to be extremely host friendly, unlike much of what I hear about Air.

So called premier hosts get pushed up to the front page…other than that I find VRBO to be a lot less pushy and more business like.
Airbnb want to own my listings and feel far more interfering.


Yes, purely for the ranking boost, at no great cost to you.


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I suddenly got a lot of VRBO bookings when they first told me I was a ‘Premier Host’ which I assume was like Air’s Superhost. Now not so much so wonder if they pushed it for a month or so. Some of them had booked through Expedia or other discount websites. Which was new. I think my place if great but it isn’t a 4 star hotel or commercial serviced apartment so I don’t want guests turning up thinking it is. On the other hand they don’t get to review it either.

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Haha. We got one of these invites after they removed our superhost status for receiving a one star (untrue) review! We said no thanks! :slight_smile:


We’re “Premier Host” on Vrbo and have been since almost the beginning of the program. I don’t know if it helps, but it probably does not hurt.
Check the current T&C’s and see if you can live by them.