VRBO subscription-update!

I have 2 listings on VRBO. Have been getting inquiries and bookings, so I decided to buy their subscription. Just after I purchased for one listing, it went silent for more than 2 weeks now. Not even a inquiry. The other one I have not purchased the subscription yet. It keep getting inquires and bookings. What do you all think why that is.

Because the PPB (non-subscription) is placed higher in the searches. VRBO makes more money when someone books through your non-subscription listing than your subscription listing. They’ve already made their money off your subscription.

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You have been “had” by a corporation. I used to rent several places on VRBO, but they have all left the platform.

Can you cancel or can you stop the payment via your credit card? I just started on vrbo this month (non-subscription) and I was surprised by the number of inquiries coming in.

I will call them try to cancel it. VRBO is so disgusting!

VRBO charges 8% per booking plus 3% payment processing fee. Now use their payment option is mandatory.

Just called, when you sign up for annul subscription you will have 14 days to change your mind. I called them just within 14 days. So they will refund me then put me back on the pay per booking status.


Yes, there’s always so many inquires and lots of them after you respond to them will never hear back from them.

I have great success with VRBO. 80% of my business comes through VRBO. However, success, just like on AirBnB, is hugely dependent on the market you are in, the clientele you want compared to the ones that use the platform, your competition in the area, your listing quality, your property type, the list goes on and on.

On both platforms (AirBnB and VRBO/HA), only about 1/3rd of the inquiries (at most) that I respond to ever get back to me.

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I think it depends on the region and you are probably being hosting long time. Have be on VRBO for years.

Canceled subscription, back on pay per booking yesterday, guess what happened, got inquiry today right away after almost 2 weeks of silence.