VRBO refund question: debited or deducted from payouts

Hi all,

I’ve just signed up for VRBO, had my first guest, and am waiting for my payout to be released.

My question: if I provide a refund to the guest, will it be deducted from the pending payout, or will it be debited from my attached checking account?

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I don’t know anything about VRBO, but since when does anyone or any company have the right to withdraw money from anyone’s bank account without being given legal permission to do so? This is why Airbnb takes refunds out of future payouts- there is no way they can withdraw money from your bank account.

People other than the account holder can deposit money into the account, but they can’t withdraw it.

VRBO requires you to authorize debits from checking to sign up as a host. And yes, they (and many other entities) most certainly can initiate ACH debits.

Unlike Airbnb, they will ACH pull refunds under various circumstances, or so their signup says.

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And you probably won’t receive your payment for 30 days. This is what they do for new listings.