VRBO really sucks - my personal opinion

First, their website looks dumb. It took two weeks for them to make the property page work.
Today I got an email says my listing has been hidden because I don’t have a valid registration number. So I called them and showed them the registration number has been always there and it is valid. They told me I need to update it again even there is nothing to be updated. And I have to wait for another 24 hours for my listing to be reactivated.
Airbnb interface is much more user friendly and easy to navigate.
Only my personal experience and opinion.

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I’ve had good luck with VRBO as a guest, but haven’t tried it as a host.


We’ve had a very good experience with VRBO.

We love that they offer an option to require that guest buy a damage protection policy – usually $79 for $3,000 coverage. We’ve made claims; the carrier is reasonable and have paid out.

VRBO doesn’t seem to be as intrusive in the guest-Host relationship. It’s anecdotal but we don’t read about guests trying to game the system to seek refunds on VRBO.

We’ve had respectful, excellent guests on both Airbnb and VRBO. But the Host for which I am co-Host feels that the VRBO guests who’ve come here tend to be more seasoned short-term renters and for that reason prefers VRBO guests.

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@Amy_nyma It can also be a matter of simply being used to one interface and having to adjust to a different one. I have never used VRBO, so can’t comment on which is easier to deal with, but just like Airbnb and many other big companies, the decent customer service they had when they first started seems to have been replaced with outsourced incompetency in an effort to save money and rake in bigger profits.


I’m on both and find that for me the VRBO guests are more likely to be international for some reason and are less touchy feely, treat it more like a hotel booking, which is fine with me.


I am on both through the OwnerRez api. I prefer VRBO . I book 80% VRBO and 20% Airbnb