Vrbo Mobile App Issues, Anyone Else?

Hello. When I search for my property on the Vrbo website, it shows up. Using the exact same criteria on the mobile app, it doesn’t show up. I have tried to contact customer service to no avail. I do have a couple of “blocks” on a few weeks using the suggestions from this forum (not actual blocks)(high daily rates plus high minimum days plus check-in only on Tuesdays type of thing). It is not causing issues, as I said, on the web search. Has anybody else had a problem with the mobile app? I’ve tried the whole turn it off, turn it on, clear your cache and data thing. Any suggestions?

Not sure why there’s a Vrbo question on an AirBnb forum? Just asking’ :wink:

There are some VRBO hosts here too. And because we are the best forum to ask about almost anything. :wink:


I am on all the OTA’s = so any red flags are good to see.


No major suggestions as such, but in my experience the search results between mobile/app and desktop is often different. One possible cause is “search within this area” function that you have on a desktop, which will likely work differently on an app.