VRBO, etc - need help - anyone willing to talk with me?

Would anyone in the US who uses both Airbnb and VRBO/Homeaway be willing to talk with me on the phone about the differences?

I just added my VRBO listing and blocked the dates booked on Airbnb and set booking for VRBO as manual until I figure it out but I feel like I’m a newbie again. Please send me a private message with your phone number a good time to call and your time zone. Thank you.

Can’t help re VRBO, but I’d take my email address off if I were you, folks can contact you via the messaging system. Online forums are prime targets for email harvesting bots.



I used an email address that goes to a junk folder but I did take it off.

I like vrbo much better to be honest. I synced my listings on ABB and VRBO and people book me on both platforms. There were glitches however. I like vrbo better because they are not so much guest oriented like ABB and they don’t push you or punish you as a host or threaten you that wow, you refused so many people; your approval rate need to be this! They are more human in my opinion and easier to deal with in all kind of situations. Even handling damages they are easier to deal with than ABB. I dont have time to talk to you on the phone because it’s before the holidays and I have so much to do but if you send me a private message I’ll get to it next weekend. or ask here and, i’ll reply when I have time.

Hi Adrienne,
Just wanted to see if you had time to chat?