VRBO: Didn't Send My Address To a Confirmed Guest?

I don’t/didn’t believe this was true. I just assumed the guest didn’t know where to look. I thought it was in their reservation details but I don’t think I can see exactly what they see. I called VRBO…y’all will love this…rep tells me they do not give the guest the address and that I am supposed to. What? I haven’t in almost 3 years.

So I look it up and of course, on the website, it says travelers get the address 30 days prior to travel (*). But, it doesn’t say where in the reservation details it’s located or if it is messaged or emailed. So, that rep made up an answer. Awesome :roll_eyes:.

I’m back on hold with them but does anyone know the answer to “where” in the VRBO reservation the guest sees the address or if it is auto-sent to them? I don’t mind providing it but I have never had to before and do not on AirBnB.

(*) What is the property address release policy? | Help.

Gee, sounds like Airbnb and VRBO are cost cutting and sharing the same outsourced, clueless, “I make it up as I go along” reps. :wink:

It’s a really good idea to look up and have a policy in front of you when contacting support so you can read it out to them when they come up with nonsense.


Ooooooh, no have no idea how badly I wanted to ask if she also worked at AirBNB! :joy:

Yeah. Just tried that. Read it to her like 5 times. Same round and round no answer. It’s a simple question. “Where does the guest go to find the address to the property?” I tried every way I could to get a specific answer. The furthest I got (after asking about 10 times) was for her to log into her account, select “My Trips”, click on the property and go to “Map” where she says the guest will get a general map to the location. I say, cool. Is the address (street number + street name) listed there? Blah blah blah about if the guest needs more guidance they should call the host. What? Let me try again. “Will the street number and name be listed there?” Blah blah blah again. “Pleaaaaase, just tell me what the guest sees there on that page?” She says," I don’t know. I cannot see what the guest sees." Sigh.

Then she says,“She will get a message in her inbox with the information.” I say, “Well, why didn’t you say that to begin with & you are saying this “information” includes the property address?” Blah, blah, blah w/o a real answer.

I hang up. I grab a cider. Stick a fork in me. Done for today. :crazy_face:

P.S> Here’s how their “Address Release Policy” ends. Too bad they apparently don’t actually do it. Or do they? Will I ever know???
"The address release allows ample time for travelers to finalize travel plans, eases any doubts on exact locations, and decreases the chances of cancellation."

If you are doubting they are getting the address - just add it to the thank you for booking message.


I did (as of today). But still…they really don’t know what’s up or how to explain it? That’s pitiful.

I literally have no confidence in any of the CSR’s on any of the OTA’s.
Just had a double booking on b. Con
The calendar was CLOSED!
They threatened with all sorts of crap.
But could not explain how the double booking happened.

Job description contains only 2 words: Script reading


The biggest issue was that the guests mobile phone wasn’t connected. I could have offered another place. I was messaging through the b.con site - no the response at 9-45 at night to check in at 10 pm.
The idiot CSR said that he could cneck his email on his laptop. This guest was driving……:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think there’s also a requirement for them to be able to prove they can talk in circles endlessly without providing the information that is being asked for. They’re like politicians.


An idiot Airbnb rep, when I first started hosting, and was asking if there was a way I could attach a map to my place to a message, first said all they needed was the address. No one can find my place with the address- it’s down a little dirt road off another dirt road, my road doesn’t even have a name, none of the house numbers go in any discernible order.
Then he kept insisting that all my guests needed were the GPS coordinates. He couldn’t get it through his head that a bunch of my guests can’t even get their phones to work here, and that no, my place does not appear on Google maps.

Some guests are just clueless. I had a guest message me closer to check in day asking for the address and directions. Yet I know it’s shared and part of our communications. I just have a standard set of messages I send that include it all over again just in case. Many people don’t bother to read.

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Yes. My guest is quite sweet but I get the impression she’s struggling with the app. This is why I wanted to be able to walk her through how to get to the information she needed. It SEEMED like an easy ask…what are the steps? where is the info?

But, if their CS cannot easily tell me, how can I expect that it is easy for the guest to figure out on their own? Maybe it is, but my confidence is wee.

It was a good learning for me. I have it in my standard “access” message now that goes out a couple of days prior to arrival. In the meantime, the guest has a general idea of the location based on the “map” in the reservation, that much I do know, so that’s good enough.

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