VRBO damage insurance option for guests

Hi VRBO offers an option for hosts to allow guests to pay for additional insurance as an add on, OR to collect a security deposit. I have all the requisite renter/home insurance. I’ve been collecting $250 refundable deposit. However, this looks like a decent option (a guest can pay $59 for $1500 worth of coverage. Here is my concern… are guests prone to be less careful/conscientious because they paid for the insurance? And therefore more likely to leave damage since they don’t have are refund coming? I have to choose either the refundable deposit or the option to do the insurance. Thoughts?


Interesting psychology and I’m more inclined to go with the refundable deposit there since you actually do get it in hand, unlike AirBnB.

How hard is the claim process?
What are their T and C’s?
Insurance can be easy to buy but difficult to use.

Right. I imagine whoever is selling the insurance will certainly do their due diligence in investigating any kind of claim that is made.

VRBO damage insurance does not cover bookings made less than 24 hours in advance just FYI. It is a loophole in their coverage so make sure to collect a refundable deposit if you take last minute bookings.


Thanks, its offered as part of their platform. I’m going to just keep collecting a refundable deposit for now. Claims can be so difficult.

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you can select both.

Unless they changed this, both can be applied in the same reservation. I had a guest walk thru our screen door, ripping it all to pieces. I had the deposit but they asked to use the insurance instead. The insurance paid the replacement for the screen door, which was more than the deposit, and I refunded the deposit once the job was completed.