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We had a wierd incident with a couple with a dog that leaped up at both myself and my partner on separate occasions, they were perfectly nice people, apart from this, and the need to defend their dog ( a husky) in this behaviour . I decided not to leave them a review as I thought that they were going to say something bad about us but, I thought that their review would only become visible, on Airbnb, if we wrote something about them, and we chose to tell them directly rather than write something negative. It says on Airbnb - write a review to make your guests review visible. However, just looking through our reviews, to update our website, I notice that their review is visible. I’m not sure how this works? I always thought that reviews only became visible if both guest and host write one but apparently not? Can anyone explain to me why this review shows up, if I haven’t written them one? These people were so vindictive that they also decided to put a very negative review of us on Trip Advisor and Google. We, decided not to react, as we feel that anyone reading their review will see how imbalanced it is. We are superhosts, we love, as we state, well behaved dogs - but not dogs that leap up forcefully my partner pushed it down and said to the owners that they needed to take control of it. Funny, isn’t it, how perfectly reasonable people get a bee in their bonnet about something and can behave in such a nasty way and plaster negativity around.

Reviews become public after 14 day’s whether you review the guest or not.

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Some people might think that a dog playfully leaping up at you is well behaved. Remember, people think their pets are their children. And everyone thinks their child is well behaved, no matter how horrible the child is.

If your definition of “well-behaved” is that the dog does not leap up on you, then write that in your listing. But also remember that people don’t read the listings - they look at price, pictures and reviews.

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Just don’t allow dogs, problem solved for the future.


yes, so true! thank you.

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Thanks for your reply Maggieroni

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I adore my dogs, but I don’t think that dogs who jump on people are well behaved. In fact, the reason we hired a trainer for our older dog is that she was jumping on people.