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Virtual Property Tours Company- Offering FREE property 3d scans/360 photography for lovely homes (UK only)


My name’s Sophie, I’m part of a brand new start up company called Spaces, we specialise in Virtual property tours, we are using some of the latest top of the ranch technology in the market to create unbelievably realistic 3d property tours for use in mobile applications, websites and virtual reality headsets.

Imagine giving all your customers the opportunity to experience your home from the comfort of theirs, giving them peace of mind that your property is the right holiday destination for them, increasing the likelihood of new visitors and sales in the future. Well we believe our services can make this a reality.

As I mentioned we are a new start up, and we are still in the stages of research and development of our services, so we are taking this opportunity to reach out to Hosts and property owners like yourselves to offer some of our services, free of charge of course, in order to give us the opportunity to test out our techniques and showcase to everyone who we are and what this amazing technology is capable of.

If you’re interested in helping us and taking part in an exciting opportunity to showcase your property, please get in touch with me at


and I’ll be sure to give you more information about what we can offer you in return.

Thank you so much for your time,

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