Virginia, USA hosts insurance (sorry narrow topic!)

I found a Virginia broker who worked with an underwriter to save me a bundle over the Proper insurance I previously had for rental suite attached to my home. The first product we looked at was commercial B&B insurance, but I thought that might cause problems with my mortgage lender. Second product was standard home equity with an incidental business coverage endorsement for 185 days per year of short term rental, plus liability umbrella. This works for me as my county permit limits rental days to 185. I did have to up my auto insurance to qualify for the liability umbrella.
PM me if interested – I’m not shilling or getting a commission, just sharing a product I found.

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I would just share a link here @dpfromva

I’d be interested if they would do the same thing in neighboring NC…

I am in VA, so I would like that info, please. Thanks.