Virginia, USA hosts and new Airbnb sales tax notice

Any other VA hosts here? Just got a listing notice that “Starting July 01, 2019, Airbnb will collect and remit Occupancy Taxes for your listings in Virginia State.” Actually, their email to me was more accurate – it’s state sales tax. So I’ll still have to remit the local occupancy tax. The new policy applies to “all reservations booked on or after July 1,” so I assume I still have to remit the tax for any bookings made before July 1 for dates on or after July 1. Also, Virginia requires that “Once you open a sales or use tax account, you must file a return for each period, even if there is no tax due, as long as the account remains open. Virginia law imposes a minimum late filing penalty of $10, even on zero returns.” So I still have to do the quarterly paperwork (I’ll likely have some off-platform and HomeAway bookings to report regardless.) I understand Air just pays a lump sum to the state without associating any specific amount with any specific host. This seems like it could go wrong in several ways; I wish they would let me add optional lines for the two taxes just like the cleaning fee. Oh well.