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Views strangly constant


In looking at the nice little page views chart I was struck by the strange consistency of the # of views. I have two listings and one always has between 5-20 views per day…never 0 and never 25. No matter what time of year. My second listing always has between 2 and 10 views per day.
I just find this odd that with all the different variables that there would be a wider variation once in a while.

I know, there bigger things in this world to worry about, but this bugs me.


I wish I could help, but I have never trusted any listing sites numbers…ever. I have seen how they will try to say “this many people are viewing right now” just to get travelers to book on a site. If they do that with travelers, then they will do the same with owners.


My views seem to follow a pattern, definitely seasonal but also week to week. I noticed Sunday to be the day more people view and book so if the next weekend is free I wait till Monday to drop the price.

As a statistician I would expect this time series to show increased variability over time. You should eventually, by random chance alone, get a day with 0 views, and also one with 25 views, or even if you wait long enough 50 views. How long is your history?


Yup I dont trust the numbers either. Im 90% certain that my acceptance rate is below 20% yet it shows 36% since January


My history on the ABB graph is only 13months. Looking again I did have 2 days of 0 views…but never in over three years (to my memory) has this listing had more than 21 in a day. Still find that weird. Makes me wonder if there is an ABB app that bumps out “anomalies” and keeps the # of daily visits within some “reasonable” range.


Do you mean your booking rate? You can check by calculating it yourself…# bookings/# views in last 30 days.


It depends. If you had had only 1 or 2 days with 20 or 21 then you are in the long tail of the distribution of “views” so not having got a 22 day yet would be quite normal (little probability joke there). If you have lots of 21 days but no 22 it would suggest it was being cut off but I am not sure why they would do this apart from not wanting the graph to look like it had lots of deep valleys with “low” views" and a few high peaks.


It’s all nonsense. I have seen days when I’ve had ‘zero views’ but nevertheless two bookings from IB.

Funny that people can book without looking at the listing!

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