Viewing guests previous reviews on my phone

Hi, newbie host here again with another question.
Re viewing guests previous reviews, is it correct that you can only see them on chrome on your computer, but you cant see them on your phone or tablet?
I really would like to be able to at least see previous reviews on my phone.

You need to install the AirReview extension for Chrome or Firefox to see guests’ reviews. There are quite a few features and tools for AirBnB that don’t work on phones. My phone is only a device for receiving notices and phone calls. I prefer to do my Air business on a hardwired network connection.

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I have that on my computer, just wondering if there is any way to see the previous guest reviews on my phone, when I am away from my computer

AFAIK you cannot see reviews on a phone. I do all my Air business on my real computer like NordlingHouse.

Thank you both, I thought that was the case. Thought it was worth checking.

PS This forum is so helpful

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Have you checked out the Airbnb Help website?; really good for the basics around managing your STR business on Airbnb @MariaC

Are you wanting to see prior hosts’ reviews of the guest
Or how the guest reviewed prior hosts?

You can see prior hosts’ reviews of the guest Prior to booking in the app The links are hidden & not labeled in the app

  1. IN BOX—select rental name

2. Summary profile

  1. Reviews

This example is a completed stay but it works the same prior to booking.

I can see guest reviews on my phone by going to my calendar. Touch their photo and then scroll down to *6 reviews. Touch that and their reviews open.
Hope it works for you too.

Yes, thats correct. I will try this next time I have a request. Thank you.

Are these before the booking is confirmed or after?
I am trying to find away to gcheck reviews before accepting a booking, on my phone when I cant access my computer

I think both calendar or in-box Methods described above will let you see reviews of guests prior to booking for “Requests”.

I’m not sure about “Inquiries”.

Perhaps someone who sees this thread will get an Inquiry soon and will test this and post the answer.

Before. Their photo isn’t visible on your calendar but the day is marked by the first letter of their name. I always check reviews before accepting too…

I’ve always been able to see reviews on Inquiries, just the same as requests. This is on the desktop version, I can’t speak to the app, as I’ve never used it.

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