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View count on dashboard stopped for anyone?

Hey guys - anyone else noticed their view count on dashboard just suddenly stopped showing results? i dont have any views for the last 10 days, yet i have been getting bookings so I know it must be a technical glitch. Anyone else experiencing this?

Same here. Nothing showing since the 28th. Just had a booking this evening, but that wouldn’t normally show for a couple of days anyway. Our listing shows up fine.

looks like its updated

Ours finally updated today…10/28 thru 11/10. For a purported technology company…I’m not impressed.

That happened to me too but now its working. Also, Has anyone in the NJ/NY who is an Airbnb host been experiencing incredibly low activity in November relative to October. I believe my account was hacked. Since I received some suspicious e-mail on my Airbnb account, my views/requests/booking were initially erratic and then slowed to a halt. I have contacted AIrbnb several times but not much help. Has anyone else experienced this.

My view count also stopped around Oct. 27, and started back up, i think over a week after that. Mine also has updated, but the booking I had before Oct. 27 hasn’t shown up yet.

3 weeks in and still have no analytics. No stats on views, inquiries or bookings. Had 4 requests for booking within a one hour period, then silence for weeks. Somethings not right with AirBnB. And As you say, unimpressive.

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