Video about apartment

my husband try to help me with my renting. Because of low season in Europe we try to find how to increase demand. And… he created small video about the apartment. What you think - it will help?

Looks like a lovely place.

  1. I would suggest you add some text. Where is it in Nice, how far from the sea, city centre, local restaurants shops - sell your location

  2. You need to embed the link to your Airbnb listing (should be the last page)

  3. I think it’s too long - could cut down to about 45 - 50 seconds

  4. I would show the outside view from the balcony

  5. Include some outside shots showing local amenities

As you can’t add it to your listing, how will you use your video to increase demand do you have your own website/social media?


thank you for advices )
In my listing I indicated - "you can find video about my apartment on main video web by searching Nice Optimistic Apartment"
Also my husband add to video tags. If somebody before booking search some information about Nice and apartments they are definitely will find this video.

That’s ok - I work in marketing and communications for a living so happy to give advice.

I would suggest you also write a description under your youtube video with a link to your listing.

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Will add. There is description now without link. Of cource it’s mistake!

I definitely love that place!

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@Platoshkina -
We have our own stand-alone website and have “branded” our property (Villa Grand Piton), so it is easy to find us on a web search, too. But I assumed any reference to an external website would be removed and the owner would be punished somehow (de-listed, even). Are you sure you can include this information in your listing?

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Actually, I don’t know. Going to reread rules.
But, for example, I saw a lot of listings which indicated phone number or email like photos. I think it’s worse than video which indicated only airbnb link.

@Platoshkina. When you see those listings, you should flag them for removal.

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Be careful referring to any reference to outside sites or contacts. They will deactivate you.

Isn’t there a place within Air’s listing where you can post a video tour?

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Thanks, will delete it. No, there isn’t place for video about apartment. Just place for 20 sec personal video, which you can made online. Not to download the file.