Very discouraged right now

I just posted on this forum to get any information on a tool to help hosts
sync their records from here with Quickbooks, AirbnB hid it immediately
and I cannnot understand why.
How in the world are we to gather information about outside tools if we
cannot ask another host.
So, do any of you use anything to sync your data with Quickbooks?
Kind regards

You are new. Many new posters are only here to try and flog a product.
When we get to know you, and see that you contribute - link postings are possible.


Thank you for the welcome, but I am on the verge of attempting my
own taxes this year. I just bought Quickbooks and saw this tool on
the internet to easily sync the two, saving me a ton of back tracking
through past years of entry and time. Also probably many mistakes.
Any hoo, as I stated in my post there is no price listed on the web,
which automatically gives me concern. So I wanted to see if any
other hosts have either heard of it or best case, even uses it.
But I get it. I’ve been hosting for 2.5 yrs and just joined this forum.
Actually never even thought about joining until now, this question
has arisen.
Have a great day

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I’m a bit confused, so here’s some possible explanations;-

This is not a forum affiliated to Airbnb, It’s a forum for hosts and is funded entirely independently of ABB. Thus Airbnb are not responsible for hiding anything.

If you are a new member of the forum, you can’t post links immediately, nor are posts that are commercial in nature welcome at anytime.

But you say you are only trying to ask for host’s opinions on data syncing to Quickbooks?

Can you clarify please.



Airbnb didn’t hide anything. This site is NOT a part of Airbnb. We are a collection of Airbnb Hosts, not affiliated with Air except that we use their platform to market our listings.

It could have been that – if you posted that question here – the way you worded it made a Moderator think you were fishing for hosts to buy a product from you.

Regardless, as a new member of this Forum, you are not permitted post listings for anything. As @Debthecat said, it’s a mechanism to cut down on people trying to sell us their products…

That is correct, I am brand new, NOT advertising anything, just looking for an opinion about a product. Thought it was AIRBNB affiliated because I found it via Google search by entering host Airbnb forum!

Kind regards


I use QuickBooks but don’t synch it with my AirBnB calendar, I synch it with my banking apps. I’ve used it for years for my main business and it’s great.

I’m new to quick books, can I go back and enter 2019?

You sound like you need a bookkeeper and QuickBooks lessons.

Short answer - it takes you through a tutorial to help you set up your business, including the start date of your business. You can start entering data back-dated as far as you need to, but you need your accountant to help you set up the company in QB and to get you started on how to categorize the money coming in and going out.

Lessons are either free at your local community college or business center such as Vistage, Connect, etc. Or you can take classes on-line.

Good luck.

That’s exactly how I found what we call the “University of AirBNB”, in 2017! It is truly an invaluable resource, although be prepared for a diverse range of opinions, styles of hosting and on occasion, tough love.

So, a big welcome to the forum. Newcomers usually have an alert at the top of their first post but this didn’t happen for you for some reason.

@casailinglady has already been able to help you out with Quickbooks, but you’ll find loads of helpful info on all aspects of hosting in the University Library, AKA old threads. Highly recommend a good read.

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