Verified Govt ID

Do you require a verified GOVT ID at the time of booking? I have started asking for this and sometimes it takes forever for a guest to complete the step or I get some push back on people not wanting to do it. My thinking is that it would help avoid someone using a stolen credit card and perhaps they would be less likely to trash the place with that on file. Not sure if it makes a difference though and it is just a headache for me to police at the time of booking. I have yet to have a problem guest even previously accepting guests without a govt ID verified .Thoughts?

I just had this happen last night. They hold up the reservation until they receive the government ID. If they don’t want to upload it, Air will give them 24 hours and then disallow the reservation.

I don’t require it. It means absolutely nothing to me that the person has a driving license/passport/ whatever. It does not guarantee that they will be a good guest, nothing guarantees that. BUT I am a live-in host so I’m onsite to make sure everything is ok. If you have a whole house rental, and it sounds like you do, I would probably require it. I would not be concerned about the stolen credit card issue, though, as Airbnb takes care of that side of things.

Airbnb takes the hit on credit card charge backs?

No one actually knows. Sometimes hosts are penalized a long time later. Is that a chargeback? An AirBNB determination? Murky.