Verification and photo of guests

The Airbnb listing I had until last year, I thought it was mandatory that guests post a photo and be verified with govt. ID, email, etc.
In my new venture I just received a booking with no photo, a phone # and that was it. This person is new to Airbnb.
I had to search to find out how to turn on the requirement for photo. Looks like they want to make it ultra easy for guests and who cares about the host. Fortunately, a photo popped up and they look like a normal couple.
l’m using instant book which I didn’t before so assumed it would be stricter on the guest. I was wrong.

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There are about 100 posts here about no photo. So there’s no photo now which is great because the only thing that can happen when photos show first is that people make judgments about people based on their looks. Because this topic is already covered recently I’m closing this thread. Please use the search function to find existing threads if you have something new to add to the conversation.