Ventura California Moving to Severely Limit Ban Airbnb

As I’ve watched other beach city’s succumb to the pressure of big business ( hotels) I could see the writing on the wall for Ventura CA, a small beach town about an hours drive North of LA.

Thus far I’ve had the city revoke my very expensive permit ($600) because they (the City of Ventura) had hosts who bothered to legally apply to host the wrong forms - you were allowed to check a box stating that you would be renting a 'portion of your home or a ‘room’. Now the city wants you to move out of your home if you are going to host - UM I think they missed the memo on the reason people like myself host is to interact with guests - most of my reviews mention ME as the best part of the deal!

Various cities complain about rental units being taken off the market - well that’s what I’m going to do with my local rentals - that is until Airbnb and other sites are completely banned from my city.

OH but the city officer who visited my home for an “inspection” told me that she was only dealing with people who had gone to the trouble of getting a permit. The city is apparently not interested in those that flagrantly disobey the rules.

Anyone else in a crazy catch 22 like this? Thanks.

Ugh I feel for you! It’s not nearly as bad where I host, but my county (Sonoma) have aso settled on the model of heavily taxing registered hosts ($650 permit & 9% TOT), while devoting no resources whatsoever to registering the hundreds of hosts operating illegally.

Presumably the legal framework just isn’t in place to make fining those without permits cost-effective, which I understand, but goddamn if it’s not frustrating to be competing with the hosts who are opting out of these expenses.

Are you just going to continue hosting “illegally”?