Venting: Misplaced Cheapness

I had an inquiry that is for 6 high-priced days in the Spring. The whole town will sell-out for this special event and I mostly just opened up the dates early to try to force a longer minimum-stay but it’s more than 5 months off and so I’m not in the mood to haggle prices. Not only that, but it looks like I’ve actually under-priced at this point. We were the best-deal in town. (I raised the prices now).

Anyways, this guy sent an inquiry for 6-days that came out to $370+/night and wanted to know if I would refund him the 3rd person extra guest fee for 3 nights because the 3rd person is only going to be there for 3 nights, not all 6. The fee is $15/night for a whopping total of $45 in savings on a $2000+ bill. No. Just no. Though I did write a more polite version in response.

It made me want to go and see what kind of reviews this guy leaves (I don’t always look) and sure enough, every single review he’s left had some kind of passive-aggressive complaint in it. One example: “I know the listing said there wasn’t a kitchen but there was not a kitchen and it would be better if there was a kitchen.” Doh.


That would have been my polite response! :rofl: Along with “It appears this listing may not fit your needs. Please cancel your request. Good luck in your search for other accommodations.”


@casailinglady Fortunately it was only an Inquiry so I didn’t have to decline but…I did raise my prices and blocked-off one of their dates so they can’t book :japanese_ogre:

It’s so far in advance, I don’t care enough to deal with that person. I’ll unblock it at a later date.


I think term is “dodged a bullet” there.



High five!

In Boston our group was 6 for 7 nights and for 5 nights we would have 8 people. I booked for 6 because I didn’t know the other two would be coming for sure when I booked but I did tell the host. When my other 2 friends confirmed I wrote him and asked him to send the alteration for the additional charge. ($50 per person per night.) He did but didn’t put the right dates and it undercharged me $100. I wrote again and said you made a mistake and he told me not to worry about it, that he appreciated my honesty. We also weren’t going to be there for about 50 hours over the weekend so it was easy to give a discount. Anyway, all of that is to say that when the number of guests per day is going to be fluctuating it can be confusing. I would have just booked for 8 for the whole week if the charge had been lower.


What a jerk!! I wouldn’t want either

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