VAT Number Validating problem

Have been trying to add my VAT number to my Airbnb account but each time it fails to be verified. I am hundred percent sure I am entering all the details correctly but tried different vat number formats but to no avail. Did anyone ever experience this please and if so any idea how to solve this problem?
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What did Airbnb say about it? Is it a fault with the website or the VAT number? It might be an idea to call the VAT people, although if Airbnb can’t help I’m not sure that the VAT people can.

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Their reply was very short and sweet. They asked me to check the correct formats for VAT with the European Commission’s VIES FAQ. Otherwise they will not be able to associate the VAT number with my account. If I need to self-assess VAT, they encouraged me to consult a tax advisor for assistance.

So strictly speaking, they did not help me out much.

So once you checked the format and it was okay what was their response to that?

I did not contact them back since they already stated that I need to contact my tax advisor, which I will be doing tomorrow.

If you’re sure that your number is correct, it might be worth contacting them again. Just because one customer service rep can’t help you, another might.

You are right. I think , tomorrow I will contact the local VAT department first and see if they can confirm from their end that my number can be validated and I will move on from there according to what they reply will be.

…because otherwise I am afraid that I will get a relatively the same answer from Airbnb Help centre

Truly, you’ll be likely to get a different answer every time you call them. :slight_smile:

Hope it all works out for you.

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Not sure if you are a host or guest, airbnb has 3 places to add a VAT number for the EU.
From your account settings select “payments and payouts” then click on “Taxes”.
and the other 2 places for business hosts are:

From your account settings select “professional hosting tools” then click on “Manage” and fill in your business details, this will display the VAT number on your listing.

From your account settings select “professional hosting tools” then click on “Manage” and fill in your company account information.

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That’s when you ask to speak to a supervisor.

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I am both but I need to update my VAT details mainly because of being a host. I tried this way:
My profile > Account > Payments and payouts > Taxes > add VAT id.

I tried the second option and updated my details there. All looks good, but still my VAT shows unverified when I try to enter from the Taxes tab.

In the meantime I sent a communication to the local VAT Department and awaiting from their end.

Just wanted to update you about this issue.

Contacted Airbnb Support but received no reply from them yet.

Contacted the local VAT Department on the phone and by email. On the phone I was told that since my VAT Number is exempted it cannot be verified by European Commission VIES. Therefore that was the reason why Airbnb could not verify it.
And they added that Airbnb does not accept VAT Exempted VAT’s. That means that VAT will be invoiced just the same.

I tried to contact Airbnb Support re this but got no reply.

Does this make sense to you?

Let me explain briefly to the above. According to local laws is the income to a particular VAT number is less than Euro 20,000, is is exempted of paying VAT. I am one of those. So how come Airbnb charges VAT just the same ?

Am still awaiting from Airbnb re this to see what their explanation is.

Thanks for the update!