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Value vs. Pricing & Competition


Recently I’ve had two guests in a row staying just one night rate me down for Value.

On the one hand, both these guests checked in late in the evening and both checked out by 9:00AM the next day, so they were not here long, and didn’t have a chance to fully appreciate the property. They paid about $100 for a place to shower and sleep, and that price could be considered high.

On the other hand, they chose to stay here, when they could have spent $35 less on other Air rooms in the area. I think they chose my place because it’s a bit nicer than the local competition in this price range. But again, that was their choice.

I’m giving links for my place below (Quiet Retreat), followed by the other places priced lower than mine.

  1. Do you think my place is fairly priced against the competition?
  2. Any suggestions for imparting a sense of value for the price for people that are just passing through to shower and sleep?

https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13519946 (My place)

@Chloe, Having never been to Saco, Maine it might be hard for any of us to give an opinion, but when it comes to communities on the beach, so much of the value depends on your closeness. I think your place looks nicer than all of them listed and waaaay nicer than some.

But for the one-night guest to rate you not great on value when they clearly just needed a place to lay their head is totally unfair.

[quote=“Chloe, post:1, topic:8210”]

  1. Do you think my place is fairly priced against the competition?
    Yes. It appears far better and it also has separate br + bth. And tv etc
  2. Any suggestions for imparting a sense of value for the price for people that are just passing through to shower and sleep?
    No - that is their problem. They chose it because it has great features, but wanted the price of the others. That cant happen.

Agree with everything @georgygirlofairbnb said. One guest rated my Airbnb 4 for value and wanted nonetheless to come back (until he read my review :grin:) so I guess some people just will never give 5 for value because, hey, it would be nice if everything was a bit cheaper ?

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I did realize after the fact that my post was asking a lot.

I just get very frustrated at times. There are several hosts on this board who talk about how they get all 5 stars across the board all the time. Obviously, I’d like to be one of those hosts. Apparently though, there is something about my location and the types of guests I attract that make it so that’s not going to happen, unless I lower my price considerably.


Why do your guests come to Orchard Beach for just a single night? I live just south of you and think of Orchard Beach as one of the places that you try to rent a cabin and have an extended vacation. It might help you find that “missing” piece if you could distill what brings your guests to your location for just single nights. Even better, distill the reasons for the guests that did appreciate what you have to offer.

If you could figure out a commonality, then you might be able to rewrite your listing to appeal to those attributes which could give you a better shot at those 5-stars. Or offer a small amenity that would make a difference to your type of traveler.

Just a few random, and probably not that helpful, thoughts.


Chloe, dont worry about stars that much, unless you getting all 3.
I have the same story. I have 87 reviews, my overall score is 4.8*. Most of my reviews are 5*, but then there is someone who gives me 3*. You place is much more beautiful than other places you showed, and of course it needs to be higher in price.
I hope you are busy and have lots of bookings. What i discovered though that it does not matter how beautiful and well maintained my place is and i think my location is perfect, i can not put price higher than those with ugly rooms in bad neighborhoods as i wont be booked at all.

I get guests who walk in and say: O wow, this is the best Airbnb i stayed at. Yana’s house is a gem, incredibly beautiful. The place was spotless, very nicely decorated, modern design. Pictures does not do this place justice, i felt like a slept in 5* hotel. This is what they say, and then i get 3* on value. With 52$ price!!
My house is impressive, i can say that. The guy who sold us the house owned marble company. We have white marble all over, Granite kitchen and bathrooms and very high ceiling. My husband is into art, and we have very nice paintings covering all walls.
Then there is white couches, flat screen tvs in each room, and private bathrooms for each guests.

But even being priced so low i can t get anything booked with Air. Market is overloaded, and AIr guests mostly look for the cheapest room outthere.

I think being downgraded on vallue is beyond unfair. This was their choice, and how is it your fault that just needed a place to lay their head on and did not get to fully enjoy your property.f


How about if you get one nighters saying to them that you would love them to stay at your place, but understand if they are just looking for somewhere to sleep there might be cheaper options available.

However you offer xxx, xxxx and xxx so would love it if they would stay with you.

@smtucker, as a general rule, your idea of Old Orchard is spot on. During the summer season, people come here and rent a cabin or beach house for the week as close to the beach as they can. My place, being 2 miles from the ocean, seems to attract those looking for a home base from which to conduct whirlwind tours of as much of southern Maine as possible in their 2 to 5 day stay.

The one nighter’s come for some event happening in town, or they use my place as a stepping stone through New England to points north of me like Acadia and Bar Harbor. [quote=“smtucker, post:6, topic:8210”]
Even better, distill the reasons for the guests that did appreciate what you have to offer.
[/quote] This, unfortunately, is what I have not been able to figure out, other than what @georgygirlofairbnb said. They chose my place because they liked the looks of it best, but are annoyed because they wanted to stay here but pay the price of the not quite as nice places around me.

I will give some thought to your idea of an extra little thing I could do or give to the one nighter’s to make them feel they got their money’s worth.

@Yana, your place sounds gorgeous and I would love to stay in a place like yours, especially at that amazing rate. I wish you were able to charge more! I feel so very fortunate that my house is situated where it is, and that I currently don’t have a super lot of competition.

Were they single guests or couples? Regardless, like you said - they chose the place based on price and pics. They also chose to pay Air booking fees (on top of that) to book your place.

What was in the basket on the bed?? I see you supply guests with nice things already, so I definitely wouldn’t add anything. I didn’t look at the competition because you’re not overpriced if you are getting plenty of bookings. Those same guests could have paid $25 less and even still dinged you on value.

I bet the Seabreeze motel doesn’t have a Nest bed :smile:

I wasn’t imagining discovering another way to spend money at all! :: frugal Yankee alert! :: Instead, reworking the prose of the listing to highlight the value that you are offering. Or removing one luxury and substituting another. If you can distill the happy guest thread.

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If I get a guest insisting on one night, I remind them it won’t be a good value. They will pay the cleaning, tax and booking fees plus one night rate. If they say they understand I let them book. But most are appreciative for the heads up.

I’ve been dinged on value a few times even though I think I offer excellent value even at my higher rates. Like location it’s very subjective. One option is to let go of things you can’t control. Another it to make it slightly cheaper for one night. I like one nighters who are here about 12-15 hours. The ones who check in at 3 pm and out at 11 am the next morning less favorite. People who stay more than a day or two even less because those folks are here way too many hours of the day. It makes sense that being in a room for 12 hours should cost less than being in one for 24 hours. But most people here think it should be less per day for more days because of reduced turnover work. Maybe you could lower the price just a bit so they are under that psychologically important $100 per night.

I see what you are saying… but. I clean the same whether the guest is staying one night or 21. It’s not really my fault if a one night stay cannot amortize it more efficiently. TBH, it’s often not worth my while and I suggested the quaint family hotel 12 miles from here for one nighters.

I think our rental situations are so different. If I had your place I would definitely prefer longer bookings. Even with my private entrance, the less they are here, the better. I’ve even thought of putting a line in my listing that says “check outs before 8am get $5 refund.” What do you think of that idea?

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Hysterical! I would need way more than $5 to leave that early!


Right… and I have to clean a whole apartment and make sure the yard, patio and such are also cleaned.
Not sure about the $5 idea. For me I probably wouldn’t start to clean even if they left at 9. :smile:

Mine often DO leave early if they have flights to catch…

I know what you mean. I could offer $5 per person. Thing is my max is usually around $50 a couple, $40 for a single. Most people wouldn’t even see it in the listing. I could be a reward for people who read everything. I might be surprised and I don’t see a downside but I’m sure someone will let me know if there is one.

I had the perfect guests the other night. A couple, came in after 11 left before 7 am didn’t want to even come in for coffee. Easy $49 for me.

Yana, I agree with you on all you said. Market is over saturated in some places. I guess finding a niche, having own website and using Social Media for exposure.

Chloe’s place looks like a fine B@B and she needs to raise her price to attract guest who appreciate difference between fine chocolate and just chocolate.

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