Vaccines required?

What are other hosts doing about requiring proof of vaccination for guests staying in our Airbnb with spaces shared with the hosts? Our current guests informed us after their arrival that the reason they were visiting their daughter is that she is ill. I’m not sure if I can even ask if she is sick with Covid?


Yes of course you can. You have already asked if THEY are full vaccinated, right?


Why is that? There’s no reason why you can’t ask, is there?

I’m afraid that I can’t answer your vaccination question because our apartments are separate from my home but if you have someone in your house who is in contact with someone infected with Covid then you have every right to know about it.


Reason number 428 why I’d never do in home hosting.

Incidentally reason number one is that I’m a fairly grumpy unsociable fecker at the best of times :rofl:



FYI we ask for proof of vaccination. Airbnb supports you in this.


How does that work? Ask to see a copy/photo of the CDC card? Or ask them (honor system) before hand and then ask to see it in person when they arrive?

Good question. I guess you could ask for a photo of their cards ahead of time?

Depends which country you are in. An honour system is worthless.

In the UK it’s easy to check our vaccinations show in the NHS app, so you can ask for a screenshot of this on booking.

If there is no way to check a central registry, I would not trust a written document. Everything can be faked so easily.

Although that’s true, it’s still a step. If I were going to “require” vaccines I’d at least make them show me their cards. So if they had to upload a pic of their driver’s license and vax card, they have to have their fake already or go to some trouble to comply. Mine isn’t the kind of place that’s worth doing that for so they would probably just move on.


I would also foresee some of the anti-vaxers, when seeing that requirement on a listing, saying “No way I’m gonna put money in the pocket of that socialist commie. Lets look for a place run by a real 'Murican”. :laughing:


I was going add my tuppence worth here, but you beat me to it, in a similar vein and prob saved me a month on the naughty step.



Gotta love Trae. His unique brand of fury and wit make him my favorite social and political commentator.


I don’t ask to see their cards. So far, I’ve had conversations on the platform about being vaccinated. We end up in a friendly exchange about when we got vaccinated or where or something like that. Guests have told me why it was so important to them to get the vax. Just conversations that I think anti-vaxxers would hate to engage in.


Yes there is as I mentioned above in the NHS in the UK we have an app which includes a record of our Covid vaccinations.

Not sure what if any plans there are for something similar in the US.,

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Old news here in Spain, and most of Europe. We’ve got a QR code that carries all the relevant data.



Even politicians who think this is really necessary aren’t going near it because of the Pro-COVID backlash. When we have politicians outlawing mask wearing(!) and trying to outlaw Vax passports there’s ZERO chance at requiring use of an app or government issued card.

I am so sick of these politicians DELIBERATELY infecting children. They should all be in jail. For a long long time.


Canada announced that proof of vaccination will now be a requirement to travel domestically by air or rail. As Trae Crowder says in that vid, just start making it really difficult for people to do much of anything without being vaxed.

Just read of a doctor in the States who told his patients he would no longer have them as patients if they didn’t get vaxed. 3 of his patients immediately did so.