VacationHosting enables hosts worldwide to diversify income

at is a peer-to-peer platform and an ecosystem of the travel sharing economy, enabling hosts worldwide to diversify their incomes. We’re currently in private beta and we invite all hosts on this forum to request an invite to explore our new platform.

Features of

  1. Properties: This feature is similar to Airbnb but has more features. Properties feature allows hosts to list their available spaces such as Apartments, Houses, Villas, etc for vacation, business trips or tourism in over 30,000 cities around the world. ‘Properties’ is the core feature of our platform.

  2. Experiences: Experiences feature enables hosts to list Tours and act as Tour Guides in their cities; provide Outdoors Adventures, Sightseeing, Food & Wine, Local Traditions, Family Excursions, Campsites, Training & Lessons, Party with Locals, Shopping Experience, Massage and Spas. Vacation equipment rentals such as Snow and Surf Equipment can also be listed for rent to travelers.

  3. Food Hosting: Food Hosting enables hosts to cook and list various types of local meals and international cuisines. Travelers can book and prepay for their meals in advance of their trips.

  4. Home Exchange & Cultural Exchange: Home Exchange, which also features cultural exchange, enables hosts to swap their homes and exchange their cultures with other hosts in other cities around the world.

  5. Pet Hosting: Pet Hosting enables hosts to watch, board or walk travelers’ and guests’ pets such as dogs and cats in their own homes while they are on vacation.

  6. Rides: Rides features Airport Pickups and Drop Offs and Ride-sharing (Car Pooling), allowing hosts with vehicles to offer city to city rides to fellow travelers going their ways when going out of town.

  7. Events: Event hosting enable hosts to create and host various types of events, such as Musical, Drama, Comedy, Theater, Sports, Cultural Performances, Film and Night Life, which can be booked by travelers and guests visiting their cities. It also allows host to rent out Parking Spaces and Event Venues for Weddings, Conferences, Meetings, and Outdoors to guests, travelers and other hosts.

  8. Flights: Flights enables travelers to find and book flights

  9. Cleaners: Enables hosts to find, book and schedule cleaners for their properties

  10. Concierges: Concierges allow hosts and travelers to find various types concierges for Key Management & Guest Coordination, Meet & Greet, Errand & Delivery, Meal Preparation, Professional Property Photographs, Listing Creation and Booking Acceptance.

  11. Shops/Packages: allows hosts to create travel shops and list travel, souvenir, electronics, furniture, beddings, house items and essentials for sale to guests, travelers and other hosts within the platform

  12. Work Spaces/Jobs: This feature allows hosts to list workspaces for rent and jobs for nomads and freelancers around the world.

    Thank you.

My name is John and I am the co-founder of VacationHosting. VacationHosting is a host-friendly and host-driven platform. Hosts can request new features by posting their feature requests here on the forum. Any host who has questions regarding the platform can post their questions on this forum and I will be glad to answer them.

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It’s a lot of offer…

Hi @Johnny,

There are already many such sites. What makes yours different?

Here is a more specific question. Some of us think that Airbnb has a number of glaring deficiences. It’s not clear whether a site that attempts to fix them, or even has success in fixing them, will be more successful than Airbnb. Regardless, have you identified any flaws in Airbnb’s model or the execution of that model that you plan to fix or improve upon? If you want a list of Airbnb’s flaws, I think there is general concensus about what those are, for the most part, and we can provide a partial list.

@sylvainbg. Thank you. We want travelers to have seamless travel experience during their trips. Travelers can book services they need before and during their trips and hosts can offer one or any combination of services to their guests and other travelers on the platform.

@faheem. Thank you for your response and question. VacationHosting is unique in that travelers can find most of their travel needs and plan their trips on a single platform. They can get travel information about the city or cities they are planning to visit before taking their trips and also find and book where to stay, what to do and what to eat with locals in their destination cities. We want to provide authentic and unique experiences to travelers and enable them to live like locals, while enabling hosts to diversify their income by providing multiple services to travelers. Furthermore, we are providing Cultural Exchange which is also unique to our platform.

You can list those features that you think Airbnb is lacking and we will be glad to provide those that are not already provided on our platform. Our aim is to make both hosts and guests comfortable with our services.

Since you are in beta, impossible to find what kind of fees are involved. Many hosts on this forum are probably going to want to know that before providing an email address, and certainly before doing any kind of beta set up of a listing (I may be speaking only for myself).

@brook2adks: Listing is free and host service fee is only 3%. Thank you.

Johnny I am on various platforms and while Airbnb does have some glitches it is far better then or even Vrbo. Will you be processing the credit card and repaying the host less fees or will you be like booking and invoice fee to hosts and we collect payments directly? Because of different platforms I do not do instant book and quite frankly I really would not use your platform if you forced me like to have instant book and like airbnb is now forcing new users.

I also do sunset cruises on our boats for the guests that want it that are staying with us but I am looking to offer it through airbnb experiences. I like the control of have the dates that we are available and having a set amount of guests. How would set up the experiences plat form?

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Thank You for your reply :slight_smile:

@Carmen: We don’t force Instant Booking on hosts. We have various payment methods such as Paypal with Credit Cards,, Bitpay, Wallet and Stripe

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@brook2adks. You’re welcome.

@Carmen: Furthermore, we won’t operate like We will also add more payment systems and methods based on Hosts’ requests.