Using the Airbnb room during daytime only

Every now and then, I have a guest who is only staying for a few hours, during daytime.

This means, this guest booked a room for tonight (June 2), arriving at 2 pm, having a quick shower, getting a few hours of sleep after his long intercontinental flight, and - woosh - he is gone at 7 pm. Now in theory, I could make a quick swap of sheets and have another guest in the same room, tonight.

Only thing, the Airbnb system is blocking the room since it has obviously been booked June 2nd - June 3rd (one night). So the room will be empty tonight, with little chance of getting another guest. Unless someone should book on Wimdu, which is unlikely.

Now I know this doesn’t happen very often, but still. It is the weekend, it is summer, so there might be someone out there who is looking for a room right now, but doesn’t see mine since it is marked as booked on Air. Does anyone know a tweak in the Airbnb system allowing me to have 2 separate bookings for the same room, both arriving on the same day?

Maybe create a separate listing that you completely block off the calendar and just open up specific dates when you have these situations. Have almost everything identical, but of course you’d have a later check-in time you could adjust based on these situations.


What would you do in the situation that a guest makes a change to their booking ? Hi @Eberhard_Blocher I’m now checking out later and will now be leaving at 11.30 pm …

That’s a valid point, @Zandra. But I have a backup room for cases like the one you are suggesting. Generally, in some weeks, my occupancy rate can be >100%. Which basically means that I am using my own bed as a “backup”, and if it is needed, I move out at short notice, to stay with a friend.


For me, if the guest was paying the full nightly rate for the few hours, I wouldn’t worry about it. There isn’t likely to be much cleaning to do, after all!

However, I personally wouldn’t accept guests who wanted to stay for just a few hours unless they were previous guests and had a good reason for wanting the place for such a short time.

Well yes, he was paying the full nightly rate. So of course I didn’t really “lose” any money by not having another guest check-in the same night.

Still, I find it frustrating to see a room sitting empty at the weekend, during high season.

And yes, he was a previous guest. He did the same thing when he booked my room last year, using my room to catch up on his sleep, during daytime, and then going out on Friday night, probably later staying with a friend in town, whom he didn’t want to meet while he was still very tired from his long flight. First impressions do count!