Using same photos

Hi everybody,I need help with something.I am taking over one apartment from September,but to get bookings I need to start advertising on Airbnb now.Would it be problem if I use the same photos as current host?I do not want to get blocked :slight_smile: .Thanks in advance.

Don’t ask us – ask the person you’re taking over from. Their photos, their intellectual property, their call.

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The owner is ok with me using his photos,he offered me to use them.I thought maybe somebody have experience.

If they are his copyright and not Airbnb’s or another photographers - why would there be an issue?

Just get him to send them to you and make sure you get it in writing that he is happy for you to use the images

Great,thank you Helsi!

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I use the same photos over & over on my listings. A lot of my photos cover the “common areas”, so they are the same for each listing.