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Using past reviews for photo descriptions

I have been thinking of using past reviews as my photo discriptions , do you guys do that ?

Some people trust some not…I don’t trust.

I don’t think guests really look at photo descriptions - I don’t as a guest…

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When I look for places to stay, I always read the descriptions of the photos, and in fact, I get annoyed when they all same just the name of the listing. Everyone is different.


Same here ^^. At first I thought that using reviews as photo captions was a smart idea but now I think it is somewhat too much, like you’re trying too hard to sell your place. I want to look professional but not desperate :grin:

Actually, I think that as long as you don’t go overboard, it’s quite a neat idea … “A dip in the pool was great after a day’s sightseeing - A. Guest” type of thing? I might steal, er, borrow the idea!

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